MMX - 2010/12/31

Two thousand ten is a year I shall remember
As I reflect on the thirty first of December
The GOP wanted aristocrats to pay less taxes
So they'd have more cash to wipe their asses
Wannabe liberals worked to reform healthcare
By putting more useless insurance out there
An election made clear we enjoy being abused
Yet are too stupid to know we are being used

If you were unemployed you probably are now
There are no new jobs regardless of the DOW
Companies are hoarding money in conditions
That tend to favor mergers and acquisitions
States now verging on the edge of bankruptcy
Are now preparing their federal bailout plea
Food stamps so appreciated shall soon be cut
By arrogant politicians with food in the gut

Dear huddled masses yearning to breathe free
Leave Arizona if you don't have papers for me
Muslims developing a Mosque near ground zero
Beware Christians declaring Glenn Beck a hero
Nevermind the fears of the project are a ruse
As the guy behind it all also funds Fox News
A return of deep fear is complete as we hate
Everything not Christian, White and Straight

Lets not forget there has been some progress
Gays die in war for rights denied by Congress
We are still blowing shit up across the world
As poverty, hunger and pain here are unfurled
Corporatists work hard to push missile defense
It doesn't work and the cost has been intense
While claiming they want to balance the budget
In regards to their projects they say fudge it

A President made history by putting out a hit
On a Muslim American who talked a lot of shit
Indefinite detentions continued ever unabated
As hopes of Gitmo closing became more deflated
Afghanistan held a traditional rigged election
A criminal called Karzai won without detection
The Prime Minister who lost election runs Iraq
Courtesy of freedom we shared with our attacks

So here we are preparing for a brand new year
Looking back at this I cant help but to fear
For it seems we have a tough year lying ahead
I bet it seems great if you are not well read
In light of all this and putting aside my ploy
Let us hope that each other will discover joy
For in a dark dark world we all need a light
If only a candle to get us through the night


Boxed In - 2010/12/29

Boxes abound in groups of seven
Some I dread yet some are heaven
Marking them off marching along
Moving box by box takes so long
Special notes litter this matrix
Each group is now my dominatrix
Driving me hard from box to box
Going insane to a ticking clock

When it comes time for a new page
The world crafts yet another cage
Boxes passed by join the big blur
Most forgotten while some do lure
Marking forward unable to retreat
We are hostages stuck in our seat
Where it goes we shall then abide
Though we may ignore we cant hide

With no more pages we must replace
Full used up books with a new face
Shinier it may be the trap remains
Curse of structure is at the reins
Laugh manically for it shall begin
This cycle we fill that wears thin
Scream if you must till you deafen
At boxes abound in groups of seven


Reflections - 2010/12/24

Tis the eve of a holiday I dread
When nightmares dance in my head
Wooden shoes painted in black ash
Adorn souls backstopped with cash

Blue ice melts as the dream fades
Dark deceptors stalk in the glades
Blades unsheathed scabbards shed
Would be wizards call on the dead

Escape into delirium is but a ruse
As the waking light is just a noose
The feeling fades from a lost touch
Whatever the gain we gave too much

On the sandy shores of a torn mind
Old waves wash up what I will find
Baubles a plenty enticingly glowing
The sky darkens while it is snowing

Blizzards en masse arrive in a blur
Effects of which cause quite a stir
Plans are banished the world reacts
The joy lingers and leaves no tracks

What meanings birth from this verse
Is it my adoration or just my curse
The memories I had I dont want back
As their truth is decidely off track


Crux - 2010/12/22

Sugar plums a plenty march tonight
Carrying arms of ages here and gone
Dream on dream on they cry for you
Not the visions over which you fawn

Harriers coalesce upon our chimneys
Scheming to get what they dont have
If in a stocking some coal remains
Do not spare them our vicious stave

Lists of miles in length spill out
The names listed of no consequence
Victims of sort who are never aware
Of an addiction neutering them hence

So gather round dearest apparitions
Prance and be jolly for all of time
For the viciousness of graciousness
Goes beyond a foolish bit of rhyme

Rest my children for we are coming
Racing through the night so rejoice
For when our presence is unleashed
My minions rewards shall be choice

How smug they are even while utero
Brandished with propaganda we spew
How hateful is it for us to lavish
The moment when reality meets you


Snow Stupid - 2010/12/21

It is coming down in droves
The outside world is shut out
All my lights are flickering
Let me tell you what its about

It is snowing and its a blizzard
Of course I've never seen one
So I wouldn't actually know
Making shit up is half the fun

Christmas is coming again
My hopes for snow hang on a thread
I want a white Christmas so bad
Too bad its a dream in my head

People on TV making up lies
Guess I need to be more specific
Stupid weathermen like apostles
Promising everything terrific

They say it is going to snow
And the lemmings fall in line
Flocking out for stupid crap
Instead of fuel and some wine

Come shopping for supplies
Milk is flying off the shelves
Of course there is no bread
If only we could see ourselves

Stand in line with other morons
Salivating like dogs being beat
Cause no matter how wrong they are
No bridge too far will they meet

Oh no you better listen up


Horoscope - 2010/12/19

Pages of text turning ever so quick
Questions lost with answers provided
Track records be damned so who knows
Great victories are how weve decided
Trite sayings and pompous predictions
Infiltrate lives of measured mystery
What effect such comforting nonsense
Might have had on a hallowed history

Loaded cookies with damp dirty palms
More of the same desperate illusions
Gifted astrologers are selling trash
Building up the starry eyed delusions
Are these the words of a dream lived
Or created by one working for profit
Why cant the victims sense the abuse
Forcing these charlatans to cease it

He who listens may not be victimized
Yet those who examine shall be freed
As beyond the pretense of revelation
Lies us the people in metaphoric need
So let it be known that even without
Joyous paradise like future we desire
Hardly anything is more riveting than
Mystery looming that stokes our fire

The Pugilist - 2010/12/19

You think his weapons are his hands
Yet the war he wages is one of words
He is but one of many nameless faces
With a voice that inspires the herds
Dancing fast he spars back and forth
With hands like a mystical menagerie
His absolute mix of flight and force
Holds a vicious uncaring world at bay

People roared out for their champion
They made many cheers when he arrived
As they were so effortlessly reminded
How to reclaim what had been deprived
Some dare ask is he but a simple man
While consorting in order to destroy
Forgetting that while he might bleed
His persistence trumps any mere ploy

Nevermind he battles out of his pride
And works overtime to chase the glory
Know that with each and every victory
He relays to the cold world our story
So you may freely document his flaws
In an effort to denigrate his legend
Yet this mark he leaves on the world
Wont be either forgotten or lessened


Homemade Sin - 2010/12/17

Dear homemade sin that I try to avoid
Without your temptation life is devoid
Your tasty chills somehow make me hot
Never failing to find my special spot

Cease your devilish assault on my senses
Or else I abandon my moderate pretenses
In full public view I am ready to ravage
Taking all I want like some dirty savage

You look stunning so lets strip you down
As tonight I am going to drink you down
Lets make a mess for I lack real concern
For a sin this deadly I am ready to burn

Make me howl baby regardless of the moon
Bring me more because I am going to croon
Listen to the words I mutter in my sleep
When our time is done I will surely weep

So lets make the best of this one moment
Forgetting all consequence and atonement
Before you slip away through my fingers
I lick my lips for a taste that lingers

Let them judge as I will pay their price
I will see their bet and raise this vice
For one simple taste is all it does take
To break down a man and his pride unmake

The lights are brightening a bit too soon
With a closing chorus that spells our doom
In this final breath we dutifully deposit
Payment to who brings this tasty composite


Drone - 2010/12/15

My feet are not moving
Yet ahead I am marching
Gliding along this path
That is not overarching
Peaceful silence resides
Amidst the bedlam around
Many commands now stream
Yet I dont hear a sound

Fixated upon this path
By forces quite unknown
My will is not a factor
When I am thinking alone
Choices come and they go
Weary intentions waylaid
By those only concerned
With just getting paid

Opportunities blaze by
Beckoning me to abscond
Yet for now I cant leave
As curiosity is my bond
Like wisps of needed air
My lungs fight to inhale
This battle I will watch
Even if it means I fail


Blockhead - 2010/12/14

I've heard your words
Describing what you want
If you wielded any talent
You'd be an idiot savant

Your plans are scrawled
On soiled toilet paper
The fact you have a job
Is the great unsolved caper

You are clearly dreaming
Of an impossible future
Can the hole in your head
Be closed with a suture?

Your mouth spews sewage
That makes me want to gag
I want to drink nonstop
Cause the deals in the bag

When we converse I review
My first amendment rights
Cause I got a wicked urge
To read you your last rites

Your coworkers shrink away
As they value their time
Everlasting life with you
Ain't worth a goddamn dime

Now before you respond
Please engage your brain
Just give it some oxygen
And you'll share my pain


Revenant - 2010/12/12

Mists of mysterium spreading fast
Now obscuring anything to be seen
Wave I may though it still gathers
Altering any vision I once claimed
Forward I stumble simply in a daze
Simply bereft of any foreknowledge
Of what now lies ahead and beyond
A tale of the intruder in my head

Wickedly decisive he never yields
Culling all sense with his scythe
His object I cannot claim to know
For if I had it I would exchange
Pillars tumbling into black abyss
For that ever vague peace of mind
Infused at birth and ever waning
Unraveled as I pull on the thread

Tapestries flow even as they flap
Injecting life into the dead past
Spewing shocks that sizzle spines
Of those long ago buried and lost
Painful pipe dreams of patriarchs
Reach not across times empty void
Allowing oblivion to plant a seed
That sprouts disturbance I dread


Ebb and Flow - 2010/12/09

Waxy wick burning at both ends
Two enthralling sparks advance
What will emerge when they meet
A final whimper or a raging cry
Steady candle so life is fading
Even as your flame burns bright
What will we see when it expires
Darkness or newfound inspiration

A slithering in the pitch black
Everlasting in a quest to devour
Will its rattle dare soon break
A spotless silence which I enjoy
Little mouse scurry as you shall
Find the hole where you will hide
Will your fear prove to be enough
For you to escape your liberation

Super nova streaming white light
Everything blinds by your power
Why oh why did you not just warn
These poor battered eyes of mine
Foolish man whos still cringing
Opportunity beckons you to move
Why oh why do you stay so inert
As you slowly die of stagnation


Defection - 2010/12/06

There I am strutting down the path
Knowing that everything is in hand
With the journey having so started
My war escalates with mad flourish
So immersed am I that I do not see
Slinky seersuckers plotting change
Amidst high and mighty predictions
Of unexplained rewards awaiting us

My path no longer remains the same
As in a blink of an eye it mutates
It is something altogether foreign
Now fighting to birth a nasty rout
Back to this familiar grind I know
Spinning wheels for no real reason
Wipe away dust and evolve the mess
The same old shit so why make fuss

Into the chop time for me to glide
As another turbulent is closing in
What unexpected changes will I see
When their wind suddenly redirects
If live by the adamant words today
I will suffer with change tomorrow
Though if I choose to disregard it
Nothing I dream remains to discuss


Reed - 2010/12/04

Dearest green reed please stand fast
Do not fear wind threatening to blow
You have risen above on the pedestal
Of proclamation we saw fit to bestow
Never you mind all the fearful gusts
They are but more idle angry threats
Mend your mind to ignore the goading
Of them doubling down on their debts

Words remind us of actions rejected
So let not theirs change your course
Lest their future fate becomes yours
Through power that denies its source
I see you bending my friend the reed
Such action troubles us so very much
For if you break we will surely mourn
A loss of strength rather than touch

Some dismal mornings I dare to wonder
Why did you depart my dearest friend
Are these more rotting remains there
Of your fatal attempt to over extend
So the winds howl without you around
Leaving all our hopes dead or broken
Why did you lay down against a force
Fighting only to see you soon broken

Amalgamator - 2010/12/04

Hot on the trail I leave behind
Where I lead they surely follow
All the while scattering crumbs
Of truth they refuse to swallow
Secrets once kept soon revealed
At the behest of ones encumbered
Owners fight to promote silence
Knowing their days are numbered

Call me terrorist if you do dare
For lives of all remain untouched
Though a truth so far transparent
Destabilizes control once clutched
Privacy slain for power reclaimed
Irony forgotten in a flagellation
The essence of which now threatens
Freedom within our dying creation

Come one come all this is the word
Legitimized daily by what you know
Its location and method may change
But the unfiltered truth will flow
Indulge in the saucerful of secrets
Even though they havent prescribed
As they cannot wipe the slate clean
Of inconvenient truths weve imbibed


Schadenfreude - 2010/12/02

Jokers in garb I want to seize
Fuckers always look so pleased
There they go just laughing up
Over tragedy starting to erupt

Dig it they live like our kings
Cruising in Bentleys with bling
More is their name for the game
Their promises more of the same

So when they pass on the street
I lust over achieving this feat
Jacking em up by their fat lips
Eat asphalt oops I lost my grip

Lookie here at the nice slugger
Time to beat you like my mugger
He wanted my cash just like you
Boy this is a grab you will rue

Your busted ass is curb stomped
Since youre dying Ill be prompt
The persistent unsatiated greed
Irrespective of all others need

Is why were now seeking you out
So we can spread your DNA about
Our lives encourage us to share
Pain you inflicted without care

Would you like me get some help
Too bad cause I cant damn whelp
You cut your taxes goddamn snob
And put our police out of a job

EMTs are panhandling over there
My kids sell meth in the square
But as long as the Fed will pay
You shant mend your wicked ways

I should leave its time you die
Choking on air in my poison sky
So remember there is no contest
For you are with the distressed


Brownout - 2010/11/30

He feinted and I took the bait
His blade feasted with no wait
My knees buckled and I tumbled
Mortal chaos is now a mumble

My eyes rolled back in my head
Skeptics will believe I am dead
Still suspended while motionless
The world rolls on for the rest

Life upended and death prowling
Ever hungry dogs of war howling
Yet for the time I have forever
To reflect on life now severed

With eyes wide I grow less fonder
Realizing its purgatory I wander
My regret and remorse fuel fire
Driving torture of which I tire

Images flicker and people speak
Relaying tales showing I am weak
All protections outright removed
Broke then rebuilt now improved

Dead I may be yet somehow I live
Preserved despite a vicious shiv
Once this moment ends I will too
If theres purpose I have no clue

Basic electrical impulses expire
A consequence of how I am wired
So before parting I wish to say
Live for nothing lies this way


Ever Spark - 2010/11/28

Shallow columns march across shifty dunes
Their tracks engulfed by never ending sand
With numbers sparse though we do not know
As their presence is veiled by God's hand
Hunt them we shall with everlasting might
Even as they yearn to kill with the night
Yet hard it can be to track with no sight
As they work their revenge for this fight

Follow me fellows for I have found a way
Grab your arms and be free of your fears
For if not now then when and just why not
Should we not battle while destiny nears
Start off quick as we should strike fast
If need be we shall struggle to the last
Focus on this now and set aside the past
As this is it and our opposition is vast

Hardly visible while haunting our dreams
The howls of each victim chill every soul
One by one they work to pick everyone off
Layering mental torture that takes a toll
No more speeches for words do not suffice
This is a time for violence not my advice
If we are to perish per their vile device
Let our sacrifice make them pay the price


Locker - 2010/11/26

Lost souls at sea are dead dying and gone
Forever lost in the glaring desert of salt
Beaten by winds and swallowed by the waves
With no one to blame only fate is at fault
They set sail seeking out fame and fortune
While only finding confirmation of a folly
Of an arrangement fabricated by fellow man
That we masters use the earth as a trolley

The swells rumble while a sturdy ship sinks
Leaving just the water to wipe away remains
Searching in vain with hope harshly denying
A heartless sea that will devour any stains
Deep down below the endless cold now awaits
Occupied by beasts the world has never seen
Should you happen to so gaze upon the place
You have passed on if you know what we mean

Let us not be hasty but on a brief occasion
Some very lucky soul will out roll the odds
On whatever day they escape from the depths
They shall be met by unnerving gasps of awe
For even the most pompous fool around knows
The belly of this beast is a place of death
So it follows if one gets caught in its maw
Better to assume they had their last breath


Dissimulation - 2010/11/24

Used up forgotten and gaily tossed aside
The remains linger long after life leaves
Fake stench of the past wafts in the air
Joining the vision of today my eye weaves
A hidden heart string plucked very deftly
Threatens a carefully designed foundation
With specific action at the precise time
It seems anybody may destroy my creation

Still I can recall ever glorious radiance
My days spent basking in its eternal rays
What I would tell if I but had the courage
And a vision unhindered by darkening days
Yet a bit of pressure applied to the fault
Violently tweaked my dear summer yearning
Superseding it with a deep foreign inferno
Old secrets of which I am nastily learning

For of what shall I tell when I next look
As I worry about the weakness now revealed
Does yearning for the past damn any future
Or does perception imply my fate is sealed
Questions abound do not penetrate the veil
Inner workings of which are quite a mystery
Not as long as I continue to press forward
Relying upon a wholly manufactured history


Tapestry - 2010/11/22

Opulent organs and pipes line the walls
For a dozen players prepare to serenade
As a thousand cannons are primed to fire
When the final chord of the night fades
Entry is free if you have but open ears
To catch the echos crossing the universe
Follow if you can as its leaving a trail
In which a single note trumps any verse

Disease runs rampant in these final days
For their feast has withered into famine
This once great empire bent at its knees
Prays for quick death in the face of sin
As rats feeding on once familiar corpses
The aristocracies rise even as they fall
Follow if you can as its leaving a trail
Painted in a mural on the forgotten wall

Words of the watchful linger for so long
Hence only postmortem are they processed
In vain they are written even so ignored
Until we can stomach to work and address
It matters not as there is no going back
Whether beauty or tragedy be the subject
Follow if you can as its leaving a trail
In beautiful evanescence quite imperfect


Abomination - 2010/11/21

Lovely arachnid your visage entrances
Even while those around you still bleed
Why can I not tear my eyes away today
Can my reason not overrule primal need
Killers on the march stalk you even now
I should rejoin their band post haste
For I shall lead them away from you dear
As spilling your blood would be a waste

Words cannot express the love I nurture
Only through actions can I ever convince
I would give you everything that I have
If your highness desires a dark prince
So free me my love so that I may protect
This love which I value above the rest
Remember without trust there is no hope
A codependency that cannot be addressed

Then his blade descended swift children
Traveling to cleave my very head in two
Yet I was not a fool and countered quick
And with his last words the hatred grew
He begged for some mercy can you believe
That he thought to convince me with lies
It pains me to relay that as he expired
I could indeed see love within his eyes

What trickery could this be now revealed
How could such feelings drive him verily
Was our love not worth so many lifetimes
That he decided to dispatch me so merrily
I know not the answers to these questions
Even while I lay awake at night pondering
Was it adoration that drove him to kill
Or hatred that has left me now wandering

We the People - 2010/11/21

I was told this tale as a child
Its so unbelievable and so wild
Divine mandates and genetics say
It is our fate to rule every day
Faceless minions of this a horde
Call great what they march toward
Values for all are values we have
Shared with all via vicious salve

Consequences have made us victims
Yet while we sing these our hymns
Fighting forward rather than back
Pretending all is white and black
Reason and reality simply depart
Left only with what we are a part
Nameless faces are just the cogs
Driving tyranny as they are dogs

Foundations growing ever so weak
By force of the ever growing meek
Temptations and desires fuel rage
Keeping our true potential caged
One day it shall suddenly retreat
Leaving us a new freedom to meet
The world head on so unencumbered
By a myth whose days are numbered


Entrapment - 2010/11/18

Light the match then toss it down
Damn the world and watch it drown
Quickly turn and make your escape
Thrills are not preserved on tape
Reasoning replaced by primal need
Births the chaos of which we read

Voices pouring from every orifice
Expecting you to grant every wish
Endless deluges of crippled wimps
Procuring your services via pimps
Spread the legs get ready to ride
Run you may but you will not hide

Connected together we now coexist
When their jejune demands persist
Yet when met great silence reigns
Life marches on without any pains
A price paid and service provided
When was the imprisonment decided

So time to time it never subsides
By unwritten rules it doesnt abide
When you sit toying with the match
Weighing tossing it down the hatch
Disregard those chains and depart
As the cycle of need has no heart


Kismet - 2010/11/16

A dark angel descends unchained now
Searching for tainted souls to plow
Over the ridge he comes a searching
For the growing taint ever lurching
A vengeance now lost shall be found
Yet despite the disgust not a sound
As ethereal rumors bearing his name
Damn yentas to suffer the very same

With hell backing him he slaughters
Wayward parents sons even daughters
Behind are myths in front just fate
His righteous anger we cant satiate
Rebels and royals both run on sight
From the gray angel they wont fight
Those who arrive do so of free will
Within holy fury their blood spills

Darkened champion is but the vessel
For that fury with which we wrestle
Succeed though he may lost so is he
A mind infected by all that he sees
Divine power granted so ripped away
Haunting him for his remaining days
And when another man draws the will
Shell of man will be his first kill


Colorless Coma - 2010/11/15

Foreign friends infest a land unknown
Compelling and fascinating even alone
In stark contrast to the darkened sky
Of a world in which our dreams do die
Rampantly racing to create excitement
Every slice of pleasure an indictment
As I exist there struggling to choose
Between speaking to you and the abuse

What sun is it emerging on that ridge
Is it real or have I crossed a bridge
Leading to lands where contrast lacks
An alliance between whites and blacks
Forever fantastic so truly phantasmal
One could forget that it lacks a soul
Lovely luster drifting just skin deep
The revelation of which makes me weep

What path is there that leads between
All that I resent and what I do dream
Born from plans voluntarily implanted
Developing a perspective ever slanted
Escape it I can or just dwell eternal
As if lies can transcend the infernal
Willful or witless its time to choose
Between truth and our degenerate muse


Rally - 2010/11/14

Its just another day or so it seems
A throbbing echoes through the beams
From amidst this cavalcade of chaos
We work to divine some secret sauce
Logic order and reason so discarded
While passion and plans have parted
Leaving hope to merge with impulses
A next step conjured by our guesses

Today we want for a bit more magic
The failure of which would be tragic
Had it not broken many times before
A consequence we so choose to ignore
Then we pray for logical resolution
With no craft to grasp the solution
Blind men working to forge fine clay
Are simply the laughing stocks today

Its just another day I shall choose
To foster an effort or simply cruise
While combined force remains lacking
There lacks real logic in attacking
Entities that can be overcome by all
Yet if they could be rallied by call
Perhaps this slow death by many cuts
Can be reversed by a leader with guts

Senile - 2010/11/14

Everybody wants to rule the world
Whether by fairy dust or the sword
Well thats everybody except for me
I only want a simple thing you see
Get off this damn porch and get out
And if your friends just hang about
There is a surprise in my gun rack
It is smooth long loaded and black

Spare me your teenage interpretation
Else youll die over procrastination
Peddle your petty causes elsewhere
I care not how the rest of you fare
Call me a hermit because I just am
A man who simply doesnt give a damn
While the world outside fades away
I will do the same for I hide away

Shed no tears and forget my visage
Nobody makes anymore of my vintage
It's just as well as I am now sour
A malcontent scorned by their power
I huddle in the shadow of the tower
Of many sad truths at which I cower
Stop wasting time get off my porch
Set the world ablaze with one torch


Missionary - 2010/11/13

Play a missionary to these people
Tell me of your preferred steeple
Spread with joy ideas you cherish
Hoping all others will now perish
Become my savior within your eyes
Woo me with lovely delicious lies
Forget discussion instead dictate
Let me respond after its too late
Feel free to ignore my explanation
Writing off dissent as uneducation
Go forth great one and be so bold
Forcefully bring us into the fold
Dream of living and thinking alike
Marching as one for this new reich
The world today is yours to grasp
You need but strengthen the clasp
That will shut out what is inside
Giving my future to you to decide
As what works for you will for me
With your efforts I will soon see


Busy Bee - 2010/11/11

Just another day with the boys
When some sweet skirt walked by
With a whistle and snap we rose
Ogling her like one of our toys

Broke as a joke and needing a fix
Paradise is a broken window away
Golden jewelry is on the dresser
Pawn Shop closes at half past six

Offering plate is circling around
Eyes are firmly affixed up front
Dont mind if do dear wad of cash
Im in for a penny in for a pound

Handcuffed bored and ready to go
Suddenly a tempting offer is made
Looks like we are here all alone
It cant be wrong if nobody knows

Traffic is heavy lanes are tight
When some douche just cuts me off
Puerile trash didnt know Im armed
Gangsta rage makes quite a sight

Friend across the road hit it big
His life is so rocking and rolling
What does he have that I do not
Why cant I be more like that pig

Retards getting in my way all day
Wasting my time with their whines
I am too good and I just dont care
I suffer the fools you might say

Seven sad stories you have heard
All hanging on the single thread
Each cautioning against the risk
Of missing the point of the word

Bah Humbug - 2010/11/11

Well it is that time of year again
My skin is crawling at the thought
One day I see the decorations rise
Bringing on the greedy fucking rot

Lets celebrate a birthday they say
On which day respond the poor herd
Hey lets steal the winter solstice
Driving me to drink and plain weep

So invent a fat burglar with magic
To spy and fly around as he pleases
Lie to your children no matter what
Waylay them with your loony teases

From bright red noses shining ahead
And timely unwitnessed resurrection
Everything is mixed up now together
None of it survives real inspection

Oh damn my ears now being assaulted
By garbage they call music blaring
Forgive me when I scream in my pain
Ignore good taste and stop staring

Have you seen my shrinking wallet
It seems it is now misappropriated
But theres nothing to fill it with
Due to this money pit weve created

Here is a great idea that Ive had
Lets put a fire hazard in the den
Decorate it with electrical bulbs
That tend to burn up now and then

Somehow someway I will survive it
Only to resume earlier next year
Just put a leash on your holiday
Before I neuter it myself ya hear


Asphyxiation - 2010/11/09

A sweet breath of air has arrived
I now live to survive another day
My tank on empty choking its last
I yearn for ideas to lead the way
With inspiration in short supply
I am but a reed bending with wind
As care evolves into carelessness
I know my lifes blood has thinned
A knock at my door I still expect
I lie in the face of hopelessness
The clamor of chaos is a backdrop
I strive to escape though address
With thick dirt covering my hands
I search for how now to sterilize
Tormented as I cant clean my mess
I simply idle and am so paralyzed
Only musings of this mind refresh
I indulge a pleasure rediscovered
Recorded thoughts force open eyes
I regret yet revel in the freedom


Vigilance - 2010/11/08

Blackbird in the sky glides along
Wings flapping to the solemn song
With the sun rising upon the land
As the gods have shown their hand
Blazing ruins lay broken all about
The sad remains of ones with clout

Many miles above the visions clear
Revealing the threats far and near
Yet an eagles vision cannot pierce
Dark selfish hearts guarded fierce
Stare above to the sky as it comes
Ever claiming the remaining crumbs

Harbinger of doom we now damn thee
Embattled by threats we do not see
Watching without while dying within
Misery blossoming as we work to win
Upon bones of serfs empires do form
Within their hearts hell burns warm

Flap thy wings you magnificent bird
Theres nothing to see mark my words
Skyscapes ignored by dwellers below
Even now paradise gives way to snow
Croak once more your storm rolls in
Rest for soon another flight begins


Monstrosity - 2010/11/06

Its just you and me here tonight
The moment here is so very right
Surely it is now safe to proceed
To alleviate this cathartic need
Switchblade is screaming lets go
No matter how much you plead no
Gag in your mouth so very clever
So you dont approve well I never
Lets make a little slice up top
You wont miss that ear you fop
Just stop crying while we dance
Accept death there is no chance
Great tunes waft through the air
I may be a monster but dont care
Demons sit left and to the right
Ordering me to do this all night
What shall I take next lets see
Which appendage still amuses me
Hold on a minute is he not dead
Wow I have been shot in my head
Of the players here with no clue
Im dying in the middle with you


Pivot - 2010/11/05

Something ever lurks within my mind
It is something that I cannot find
Something now howls for my attention
Is it something of another dimension

Something whispers ever as I sleep
It conjures dreams in which I weep
Something is missing and I seek it so
Is it real oh I fear the answer is no

Something prods at urges once buried
It questions the ideas I once married
Something is disrupting my livelihood
Is it a matter of what if or of could

Something tugs at deadened rot inside
It mumbles musings of fools who tried
Something melds with a world gone sour
Weaving hopelessness into reborn power

Something is burrowed like a splinter
It warns of long and avoidable winter
Something lobbies for one bold action
A small step that is beyond retraction

Something dances in the macabre dark
It reveals the world with but a spark
Someone will decide to allow it to be
Or kill the choice they refuse to see


Monkey Poo - 2010/11/03

Primate in the cage flinging poo
Humans outside yelling screw you
Monkey is insane laughing it up
Portly man outside about to erupt
Now each ape is circling the cage
Feeding on the others crazy rage
Inside and outside it is the same
Just a dumb monkey playing a game
One now sprayed the other jailed
Either way evolution just failed
Like it or not this is how it is
We spend everyday rolling in jiz
Good advice is to just carry poo
In case a monkey screws with you


Beholden - 2010/11/01

Tomorrow is coming yet here I am
Unwillingly to participate at all
No more or no less damned

Go I cannot so here I shall stay
While this precious world leaves
Their false idols to play

Scavenging my dreams of eras past
Ransacking rubble for the truth
Clearly unable to outlast

Great swaths of fury hover above
Readying a torrent at any moment
Lacking but a violent shove

So conquerers of the uncivilized
Built homes on the bloody fields
A vicious cycle unrealized

Tomorrow we shall speak out loud
Emboldening one of many traitors
Of whom no one can be proud

With steel in my voice I respond
That I reject overtures of fools
Whose word is not their bond


Cynic - 2010/10/31

Trampled hordes are listlessly waiting
Ever hopelessly yearning for greatness
Come rain or shine they stand in line
Even while we mock their faithfulness
A proletariat impassioned against odds
Outweighing the scope of their visions
Leaving those in power deathly afraid
Of days the meek relay their decisions
Suppressed by freedom and all they have
Even as they choose their new oppressor
Without power to quit only to rearrange
Trite dressing of victories ever lessor
Will they grow weary of this sorry game
Now unable to birth fire in their souls
Or continue to pretend its not the same
While those in power ignore their goals


Cavalier - 2010/10/29

Shiny white knight gallops into town
Where upon the people shoot him down
Just to be sure they string him up
Spilling blood for their ivory cup
Some relic thought he spied a twitch
So rended limbs as if it was a witch
When the wind made a howl in the air
That burning head kept the icy stare
Wasted man relieved of worldly worry
Breezes spread his ashes in a flurry
His polished armor and silver sword
Dangle over the city hall as a ward
Abandon hope all ye who enter here
Before the penitent unleash the fear


Infidel - 2010/10/26

Tactical indicates target is in range
Both teams have assumed the positions
Note this operation has a green light
Proceed to phase one of your missions
Sir door appears to have been secured
Kick it open the corporal as we cover
Do not enter until flash bangs finish
Shoot to kill and forget the stunners

Wake up my son they have us surrounded
Stay here in the room remaining silent
There are some weapons beneath the bed
Kill or be killed its us or the tyrant

The primary target is now neutralized
We are clearing the rest of the house
Remain on alert until area is cleared
Beware children and a possible spouse

My father is dead I heard him scream
His blood is seeping through the door
Forever alone all I knew is now dead
Ever taking yet they still want more
There is a grenade here pull the pin
Crack the door and toss it right out
Get inside better cover my damn ears
What the fuck is this even all about

Fuck Williams is down I repeat down
It was a damn grenade from that room
Holy shit it is just some stupid kid
Shut up and shoot that bastard soon
Hostile neutralized double chest tap
Check the rest of house double time
Get the medic over here for Williams
Snatch that terrorist piece of slime

Son the charge against you is murder
I am not your son my father is dead
Forget about that how will you plead
They shot him and left while he bled
The issue is the man that you killed
They fucking killed dad in our home
You unlawfully resisted the US army
Legally murdering wherever they roam?


Danza Macabra - 2010/10/25

Flower girl dancing in the grass
Now here once not far in the past
Entwined such as we soon entombed
Spinning in ecstasy nicely groomed
Hopelessly bound unable to escape
It is I whom the maiden does rape

Vicious master I surely must obey
Step Twirl Bow traveling your way
Companion in chains forever bound
So long so freedoms a nasty sound
Drugged and dimwitted I do not see
An obvious fate that now awaits me

Desperate few so dare to break away
Screaming every moment of every day
Flower maiden please grasp my hand
Whisk me away to that far away land
I do submit just so I will not hear
The death of our dance drawing near


Atrophy - 2010/10/23

Pretty pastel fields to which we flock
Promises of paradise tick like a clock
Wicks whittled down soundlessly burning
Foretelling earthly change now churning
Bright shining lights smothered quickly
Trade offs forgotten by children sickly
Lessons tarnished erased and forgotten
Those pastel trees bear fruit so rotten
Brooding colors once lost become found
Blood of these dreams stain holy ground
Loving eyes betrayed one held very dear
Rancid hands reveal the contagious fear
Behold onlooker as it doth now collapse
Beware you might be who it next entraps


Chump Change - 2010/10/21

Jacks Roadhouse is open for business
Now catering to any and every desire
So come on down for the grand opening
Our deals are setting the city on fire
If you want it we will always have it
Forget price as with our smart layaway
Even if you just can't afford to keep
You can pretend it is yours for a day
Dont deny it friends you are intrigued
So forget that fraud across the street
As recent poll numbers show most know
His stuff sucks and his prices are beat
So what are you moping around home for
Move your lazy ass up and on down here
The prices are low and stuff is moving
Even if what we are selling aint clear
You know we are the only one stop shop
Nobody else is selling you your dream
Dissatisfied customers do just remember
Dont leave as we are on the same team


Heretic - 2010/10/18

Save this sucker he is crying out
Begging you to take control of it
Yet it is the silence speaking now
Erecting bonds to a world of shit

I wish not to sing nor revel about
Face the truth I am no entertainer
So if this is what you wish of me
I wisely keep inferno on retainer

People by the millions living life
Did not please the overseer above
So with the forty day deadly flood
Free will came to know God's love

Openly attacking these differences
That make the world a lovely place
Is something I am unwilling to do
So it is eternal flame I now face

Sister cities in peril within sin
Marked by the Lord in holy enmity
Chosen escaping only to look back
Now a pillar of salt for eternity

Neither will I work to waste time
Demanding that all others aspire
To an ideal nobody can ever match
So I've traded paradise for fire

Scatter little ones and get right
For this end is coming very soon
Free will once granted taken away
As Jehovah recalls his life boon

This life of mine is a gift given
Something I do refuse to squander
So I'll damn you and the doctrine
That denies me the right to ponder

Annoyed well I still wish you well
Take heart as he above is the same
No matter how many threats so note
The urge to live you will not tame

If you dont get it open your eyes
Now I am free for better or worse
With these people I stand forever
Unmoved by Gods bitter angry curse

Recalcitrant - 2010/10/18

Serendipity effortlessly abandoned me
Second rate impostors leave me alone
Rain plummets like icy dagger shards
Freezing while I am trying to atone
Marching in form over the sandy dunes
Thirstily dying dreaming of a drop
A weapon is cleaned could it be me
The mind unwilling to force a stop
Down some drinks watch it all glaze
Pointless as there is never enough
Tune out and ignore leaving but hope
Ready to die as its not that tough
Tidbits scattered begging to be taken
Delicious lies that do not digest
Starving is the only way to survive
This strange event where I am a guest
Currents of possibility now all flow
Into the formation I forever dread
Spinning and working to consume all
The force of nature gathering dead
Temptation mews ever so excitingly
Come on and swim just one last dip
With that my pretense is abandoned
As into this whirlpool I shall slip


Dubious - 2010/10/16

The path drifts into the horizon ahead
Leading to a future I still only dread
The journey is of unpredictable nature
Lacking any signs leaving me so unsure
Ever wondering if it leads where I see
Or at this date can it yet surprise me

Merry men serenade tunes in amber skies
Delicious illusions built on taunt lies
Whimsical existence the dream crumbling
Once the music ends we will go tumbling
Dance dear fellows until my time passes
As I do not wish to join huddled masses

Is this deaths doorstep or another rhyme
That will only end due to a lack of time
Could it continue forever if I but tried
With immortality awarded beyond the ride
Or is this the mechanism that misdirects
While Im oblivious to all of its effects


Mesh - 2010/10/15

Mop mop mop all day long
Mop mop mop as I sing this song
Gonna spruce up your failure
Gonna make it shine
Wipe your grin away with turpentine

Glassy eyes staring straight ahead
Hiding a hellish war in their head
Poor souls with ears forced to listen
To tales of ghosts returned and risen

Small bird full of grace
Take flight from this dying place
Damn those who give chase


Tempest - 2010/10/13

Hover above while desperate winds howl
Carrying screams of those who cry foul
Burning so bright observe yonder flame
Entrapped by the beauty wildly untamed
Drawn toward causes lacking the course
Invented by those susceptible to force
Cheer them as they ever work to ransack
All you claim guarded only by your back
Watchful eyes averted birth new freedom
Ever creating clever ways to cheat them
Punishment a tool reserved for the weak
Righteous rage controlling all the meek
Claimed soothsayers bellow new prophecy
Self fulfilling words for their progeny
Listen closely while gusty winds squeal
For tiny bits of truth men cannot steal
Both above and below where danger comes
Hope within the mess amidst tiny crumbs


Rapacious - 2010/10/12

The void within demands that I fill it
As it ever so deftly plucks my strings
No matter the sacrifice I wont kill it
I am now enthralled by a song it sings
In Heaven and hellish depths I do look
Vainly for that which might stop it up
Trading away my soul aware I will cook
Forever before filling the vicious cup
What lengths I explore to avoid facing
A simple truth that drives my futility
Its paint by numbers yet I am tracing
To preserve ideas left without utility
Still pouring yet it never does settle
As a sieve with the sand it disappears
Ever stubborn I try to prove my mettle
By producing more and ignoring my ears
So explain why I pour knowing the fate
Of all slain in this cycle of delusion
When my last real option absconds hate
Leaving no breath for this my illusion


Verbal - 2010/10/11

Word words words what a game they are
Preaching at everybody so near and far
Closed ears and broken hearts wheezing
Action erased by these voices pleasing
Talk talk talk lets work out a conflict
Neither side budging at all now ticked
Hard heads with body armor mounting up
For damned sand mounds violence erupts
Peace Peace Peace with extra firepower
Ruling so from their chaste ivory tower
Silence simply lacks the courage to say
Immaculate outer walls are falling away
Pray Pray Pray for morality ever so hid
Wasting devotion on a nasty spoiled kid
Let him return to the burning wasteland
A final tragic mess from an erratic hand
March March March for speeches not action
Fools wonder why an idea gets no traction
Open ears for open mouths making no sense
Receivers of the scam now angry and tense
Listen Listen Listen to the final breath
Of the once free world evolving to death
What ever the fuck is it supposed to take
To stir fellow fools awake for their sake


Omnia - 2010/10/10

Currents gently melding from many streams
Leave me willing to ponder
Useless games of treachery assault my dreams
Forcing me to seek solitude
Vapid expanses beyond meaningless cognition
Intrigue me to continue on
False tales that secure just for submission
Empower me to mark my path
Microscopic particles of matter my brethren
Engender me with stoic respect
An inadequate thought changing now and then
Renders me incapable of concern
Ignorance of times we think we have changed
Enlightens me regarding our peak
A truth of that greater than my meager self
Will not spare me from our fate


Fifth Person - 2010/10/09

Sick in the head mumble murmurs all around
Mad abomination at least that is the sound
Spinning the fan early in the cold morning
Drafting details of sides steadily warring
Sucker punch fades back into new obscurity
My drab creative spark slain by insecurity
Catching the rhythm shall reveal a meaning
Worthy of remembrance or just sad dreaming
Even mouths of babes dont know such babble
Often times confusing so ignored by rabble
Dont stroke Cassandra for she shall preach
Her mind seeking out disaster like a leech
It is crashing screams the homeless artist
Here they come lets lock up he the Marxist
Forgetting there is neither right nor left
Labels of fools revealing platforms bereft
Strike them together sparking the ignition
Directions damned as we drive for sedition
Are they just jests or is he trying to win
Poking fun at when deconstructing the spin
Come one come all see the future in flames
A sexy swirl of truth and perplexing games


Hamster - 2010/10/07

Little hamster why is it you keep running
Why does your tiny metal wheel always turn
How can you go so long without nourishment
While both ends of your bright candle burn
Just take a rest when they rattle the cage
Pointing and jeering at the sight they see
Perhaps you will get to unleash your rage
Waiting for their hand to approach is key
Chew them little hamster with the iron jaw
Watch as they bleed and flail wildly about
Only with pain will all know what they saw
For it they do bleed they shall then doubt
Perhaps some respect will now form for you
Leading to your release from the oubliette
On the other hand they might make you rue
By putting you down like any other bad pet
Poor little hamster better keep on turning
The tiny squeaky wheel embodying your doom
For if you get your masters minds churning
Your vain familiar existence might go boom


Outcast - 2010/10/06

How can I belong if I all do is pretend
That their mad choices are ones I defend
Plans within plans reveal no plan at all
Yet construction commences doomed to fall
Higher and higher this edifice does span
Surrounded by hordes of other also rans
What sickness overcomes as I now inspect
The smoldering ruins of chaotic effects
Wrought by actions born of no consequence
The denial of which will be with us hence
Guards or prisoners the difference benign
Marching onward and ignoring all the signs
What home have I when home is all but lost
Spurned by comforting innocence now tossed
River of action I know your vague currents
Rowing so carefully to avoid the deterrents
Yet for the others stranded upon the shore
Do I stop or allow them to suffer evermore


Awakening - 2010/10/03

Paint breaks away from the railing there
Chasms are birthed in asphalt all around
Rundown shanties nearly ready to cave in
In terror of pale frigid gusts sans sound
From inside to out comes this new disease
Structures without substance springing up
Soulless and wretched creations so damned
Quite lacking the righteous will to erupt
Their foundations only guarantee collapse
For within emptiness observes the outside
Noting decay while the trivial lures call
Taking the foolish lemmings on their ride
The dream disintegrates and dominoes fall
Snuffing past visions suffering the force
Of the encroachment that drives to action
The few visionaries able to change course


Compulsions - 2010/09/30

The man in black fled across the desert
So laughing as I was compelled to follow
With six shooters criss crossing my hips
An edict for his death travels by my lips
He brings destruction even while I track
Working to fill an empty glass with wrath
Weed eaters drinkers and whores ensnared
Within this a chasm of virtue we shared
So flee dear sir for I come intending to
Reoccupy it with vast quantities of lead
Never caring that obtaining such control
Bit by bit enslaved more of my very soul
Circle the tower ascending spiral stairs
Dear childe have you any idea what comes
Forces above logic dictated and designed
The cycle of futility I have now divined
So I have laid down my guns and forgiven
Would be harriers stalking in my shadows
For new cards must be drawn for my fate
Having now left behind the fear and hate
Weaponless and without worry I gaze back
Content there was not a choice to be had
A man still flees across sun baked sands
Notably now without my blood on his hands


Hell Hath No Fury - 2010/09/29

I once knew a woman so timid and quiet
No acquainted soul would ever deny it
She shared ideas sometimes very smart
Acting calm when they were torn apart
She bent over backwards no matter what
Ever smiling even from within the rut
So please just imagine the deep shock
The day an asshole shot off his block
And she once restrained lost control
Going into overdrive on an angry roll
I tell you friends I do feel relieved
She was not packing while that peeved
Somewhere in the rant she said Ya all
Down an elevator shaft he should fall
Unleashing expletives she turned about
Leaving observers here without a doubt
If you push her and she starts to tire
She'll burn you down in righteous fire


My Request - 2010/09/28

Cruising the street early in the day
Battling traffic looking for the way
Trying to avoid doing anything rash
Like murdering those trying to crash
Hello imbeciles be glad Im not armed
As that is why you havent been harmed
Drop the cell phone and pay attention
Always texting hurts memory retention
Dear fools randomly jerking the wheel
Discipline your spoiled kids and deal
Forget the distractions and just drive
Sparing your family my one finger jive
Cut me off and I will scream and rant
Stay between the lines not at a slant
Lazy fool please turn on your blinker
My foot up your ass is a real stinker
Please dont make me pass on the right
Or my angry face will hover all night
If you want to raise my murderous urge
Go slow on the highway trying to merge
If you are lost just get outta my way
Cause I'm a psycho and my name is Jay
Rear end me and Ill maintain control
Try to pray for us and Im gonna blow
So I shall end with a simple request
Learn to drive its just for the best


Homogenization - 2010/09/27

Within this my darkly looking glass
Truth fades when my denial outlasts
The road which history has followed
For only our triumphs stay hallowed
Dense dismal fog obscures the trail
Tread by fools wishing without fail
Victory is an end sans any beginning
With no loss to be had only winning
So chant on while repeating actions
That divide the world into factions
Ignore sins to which you are driven
Forget the hurt for he has forgiven
This license to hate and breed fear
Parables lost your mandate is clear
The bogeyman of this day is working
Breeding unknown evil while lurking
Round them up and now ship them out
Spread vile lies and clear up doubt
Fuck a world we rule with our fists
By outlawing differences that exist
Welcome to this our brave new world
The pristine order we have unfurled
You can die alone or join this herd
And work forever to spread the word

Evanescence - 2010/09/26

Air of vengeance scorches my lungs
With nary a breeze to ease the pain
Vultures caw from the heights above
Mocking the desire for endless rain
There is naught in the vast nowhere
Awake with dreams of the other side
Dying of thirst I just cannot care
Real or unreal why should I decide
Skin once smooth now scaly and dry
Prune lips just scabs to be picked
A throat so dusty there is no sigh
An oasis gone for Ive been tricked
So circumstances left me wandering
Back to the green home I once knew
Climate changes got me floundering
Ready to journey for something new
Instead here I lay the sun beating
Lizards pleading in tongues I know
That what I seek is merely fleeting
As vultures circling will soon show


Manifesto - 2010/09/25

Beware weary ones so very literal
Meaning here is far more visceral
Why do you package and ship it out
With no idea what it is all about
Repeating findings for all to hear
Even as the truth is not so clear
Forewarned you all are here today
Curious unknowns are here to stay
Clarity of thought is not my goal
Alas these words have taken a toll
Left explaining pieces unexplained
Resulting in loss that has drained
Yet I will account fully to myself
Refusing to quit in part for wealth
I know soulless men are rich indeed
All they want and nothing they need
So here I sit ready with the words
Wasted though they are on the birds

Mockery - 2010/09/25

Jester of the court please approach
To testify now on matters of import
Jokingly treat us as powerful fools
Smiling while we struggle to retort
Foolish funny man how dare you mock
This institution all should worship
Our very power demands your respect
For we asked you to take this trip
Jester answer questions when asked
Do not point out this is all waste
Your insight is why we have tasked
You to be here regardless of taste
Mr Jester we now want you to leave
For you have consumed our endurance
Because of you no one does believe
In our most holy absolute assurance


Seven Day Storm - 2010/09/23

With terrible precision it approaches
Soon becoming a whisper on the breeze
Providing no warning as it encroaches
Reshaping all while ignoring our pleas
The eyes of the curious are entrapped
In boundaries defied by my mere words
Leaving foolish mouths left to contend
With the anger of the now riled herds
The gavel of the judge finds an excuse
To forget justice while upholding fear
Showing an impertinent child the noose
Redefining battlefields once so clear
Separate they cry out and yet together
For their quandary is one and the same
What drives the storm they now weather
This force of change they cannot tame


Catalyst - 2010/09/21

Tossing and turning from frozen depths
In dark unknown reaches of deep space
Moving at a speed unimaginable to most
All so inconsequential beyond its pace
What is this object hurtling unnoticed
Passing scores of supernovas from afar
Existing only to blaze this very trail
A harbinger for the birth of dead stars
In a realm of nothing it brings beauty
Even as it works to suck the life dry
Acting as the tiny spark for the blaze
You will not escape though you may try
Forces behind I will not be describing
The intention here is to simply ignite
Fuses wired to the core ready to blow
A gift from the catalyst now in flight


Obtuse - 2010/09/21

Toy soldiers at attention in formation
Shall await their orders there forever
Their rifles polished live with rounds
It is a matter of when not of whether
Puppet master above tugging on strings
Overzealous eyes so striving to create
Blueprints drawn up for empires raised
Feasting for power shall never satiate
Observers now cheer and jeer each side
Irrespective of the price they will pay
Adoring the game even while they suffer
Their tomorrow is dying a bit each day
Each point together forms the triangle
With no right angles of which to speak
Each ever looking to one and forgetting
The third spares no mercy for the weak


Vacant Vessel - 2010/09/19

Hannibal friend what are you cooking
Whatever it is I want to have a bite
Oh I wont steal as I am only looking
But whatever it is smells of delight
Hannibal pal where now are you hiding
You stove is on and cooking this stew
Come on back for I am still deciding
Whether to sneak a taste of your brew
Hannibal sir you appear to be missing
Well I guess a sip isnt going to hurt
Hope you dont notice or Ill be wishing
That you my friend were not so alert
Hannibal I now appear to have located
You simmering in the pot on the stove
What kind of foreign insanity created
That from which your madness throve
Hannibal you started from the inside
In time you then worked your way out
Feeding the disease by cutting inside
Proving your insanity beyond a doubt
Hannibal my friend how could I miss
What in hindsight appear to be signs
Of the monster that was in our midst
With a dark soul upon which it dined
Hannibal bastard how did you survive
Feasting on your vessel full of life
What excuses did I a friend contrive
To turn my blind eye on your strife


Grin - 2010/09/19

Damn these grins cluttering my vision
Plastered to the faces of their hosts
From merrily dancing fools set on fire
To the soulless dead and wailing ghosts
They grin everywhere for torments sake
Their other intentions remain unknown
Even as their laughter reveals a fate
The last dying scream of a poor drone
Misused for misdirection then to hide
Ideas sans purpose used solely to mock
Always searching and working to deride
The few left racing against the clock
When these circumstances one day shift
They shall confront it with their spin
Forcing reality to slap them heartily
In a vain hope it will remove the grin


Under Influenced - 2010/09/18

Dancing nancies sprint about in the air
Wisps of their imagination intoxicating
Handmaidens stare without a single care
As kings and queens break from feasting
Magicians work to duplicate the effects
While court jesters halt oh so confused
Skeptics abound examine all for defects
The poets cease their work a bit amused
What is this that procreates in the air
Enthralling hordes so curiously amassed
Alas that realization shall not be fair
As this type of indulgence rarely lasts


Cupboards - 2010/09/17

The cupboards abandoned are thrown open
Their contents unimportant and forgotten
Even while their home descends into ruin
All here are the same broken and rotten
Termites and cockroaches long since left
For they found no welcome there anymore
Slow is the ship of fools idling outside
There is no plunder much less any whores
Come one come all heres a map to direct
Those wishing there was something to see
Stay if you will but take delicate heed
Of the danger lurking in this mental sea
Great storms are mere optical illusions
Destructive tidal waves are just a joke
From the eyes of another into my hands
Comes both a smile and tears that choke
Truth is a riddle so if you must follow
Defend yourself appropriately to survive
Interpretation is the goal so do remember
Messages deciphered you yourself derived


Soap - 2010/09/16

Metal in my mouth and gun in my hand
Time is pulling on the final strand
Imprisoned up on high left for dead
By the intruder meddling in my head
Is she on her way and did he summon
Truth from which I have been running
Incapacitated yet entirely in control
With our insanity now taking its toll
My hand is his the gun belongs to me
Yet I just pulled the trigger you see
For the time has come to forever quell
Machinations driving the world to hell


Exceptions - 2010/09/15

Rules are rules for we are the same
What a deliciously intriguing game
You will conform or else be removed
Apparently rules cannot be improved
Do not mock for all must play along
Despite the fact you are very wrong
Stop for my patience is wearing thin
Have you ever tired of your own spin
There is no individual treatment here
Yet it is my difference that you fear
I repeat all here are handled equally
I can disprove that claim very easily
Those examples involve another group
Separate but equal is that the scoop
The rest involve exceptions we granted
So then why have you not just recanted
Because all here are equal as brothers
Except some are more equal than others


Please Perish - 2010/09/14

A penny for your thoughts please
Regret to inform it costs a nickel
Can I lock it in with some credit
Make up numbers we wont check it
So what insight will you offer us
Let me tell you about our options
Will you just spare me that crock
No the base model is not in stock
Cant I purchase just what I need
You could if it was what we sold
What if I leave and refuse to buy
Well without our item you will die
Maybe a discount as I cant afford
Afraid not our children must eat
My kids could lose their father
If you are poor why even bother?


Autopsy - 2010/09/13

Study students this weary old guide
You will find his head in his hands
His voice has no strength remaining
Wasted on dogs without will to hear
Over that hill there lies your doom
They mindlessly went to investigate
Past the dark door rages an inferno
They opened it if only to instigate
The fateful forces he dared describe
Danced on the backs of the sad fools
Yet time and time again they ignored
His considerations and logical rules
So students compose your essay about
Can he instruct if they do not hear
More importantly how can they arrive
Without any inkling how to get here


Quenched - 2010/09/12

Yonder flame burning bright
Speaks to me on a cold night
Protecting me by sharing rage
All while fortifying the cage
Do you feel it grow as I speak
Forgetting it leaves me weak
Do not believe it is my might
As I truly despise being right

The passing years full of rain
Tempered the rage with a pain
Yet even dull embers are hot
Reminding me of what I am not
My feet follow man made soles
Only dimly aware of hot coals
That must be crossed this day
Regardless of what I will say

Boiling pots now set to simmer
Reveal the future in a glimmer
Which I reject very unconcerned
No matter who else gets burned
For my inferno rests now inside
A final edict by which I abide
As I grasp my truth and reason
Preparing for the next season


Soliloquy - 2010/09/11

This land I once knew is not mine
I waste no time wondering of why
That house nestled beside the pine
Is a bastion of hope in a dull sky
Either its safe or otherwise claimed
Though alone I want only what I need
A beckoning window seems so untamed
Its light beaming regardless of deed
Inside all I have sought does reside
A dream from which I will soon awake
Loaded to the brim I now must decide
How far this fantasy I will now take
Do I return to the land left behind
Embracing others wandering all about
Or converse with friends in my mind
Feeding fear uncertainty and doubt

It Takes a Village - 2010/09/11

Wretched rats scurry back and forth
Unaware of the shadow ever looming
One cowers in the corner fearfully
The very image of saintly brooding
Two come together just for company
Even as affections spring from glee
Three form an alliance to survive
Threats from those they cannot see
Four begin to wonder of the future
As sure as they seek out some more
Five start to discuss and to direct
The growth of this cancerous spore
Six create standards one must meet
Excommunicating those of sad stock
Seven take up arms in self defense
Even as the clock echos tick tock
Eight wait silently on the horizon
Even as the dream that will not be
For they are but sad wretched rats
Weaving wickedness they do not see


Long Lost Lure - 2010/09/09

Listen to the whistling in the air
In the weary world we had reshaped
Observe the pristine white clouds
Ruling over landscape now re-draped
Climb the unruly vines creeping up
The false idols we sacrificed for
Observe the decay spreading about
Even all that we strove to ignore
Study the symptoms of the disease
We refused to acknowledge or cure
Keep caution nearby as you follow
The road to the irresistible lure


Thrall - 2010/09/08

On the cold horizon so pale
Our enemies marched steadily
Steeled and ready to battle
We rode forward so readily
Dull drumbeats synchronized
Horse hooves pumping in sync
Alive with a single purpose
To brew the poison we drink
The prize is a fable far off
In a land we shall never see
Wise to just the here and now
Only failure can set us free
The enemy awaits and must die
With guns cocked we gallop on
Unaware of the terrible truth
Of the short straw we've drawn


Forgotten - 2010/09/07

Grains of sand are slipping
Hurtling through the hourglass
No matter how tightly I grasp
Soon these moments will pass
Once here now lost then gone
Memories of pleasure and pain
No longer welcome to persist
Just like tears lost in rain
Even if I could freeze time
There is no pause only delay
For inevitable rite of passage
As night gives way to today
So speak your words of solace
Though they will be forgotten
Keep plucking out the grains
Never let that hope go rotten

Merry Mad Men - 2010/09/07

This note is a proclamation of duty
Loyal citizens keep your eyes open
For a thief seeks to lift our booty

He is a vicious sort prone to steal
Regardless of what you hear remember
What the filthy slobs say is not real

Snatching from the rich for the poor
Oh so broke with their crack and TV
Without a job they just want to score

This man is a menace and kleptomaniac
As are the scum who take his handouts
On sight you are authorized to attack

Without a boot heel on their throats
They are liable to consume all we have
Starting with money and then the votes

What happens when he have nothing left
Do you think their hunger will subside
It is our duty to stop this vile theft

So follow us your wealthy aristocracy
Let's cleanse our world of this scum
In the guise of fair and just democracy

Always remember our hard sweat and toil
The privileged started out with nothing
So repeal the estate tax lest we spoil

When they are gone then we can rejoice
As the wealth will continue to multiply
And those without will not have a voice

If you want a helping hand look elsewhere
There is nothing but scorn for you here
And give us only your wealthy and fair

If you want all to be rich instead of poor
Then we urge you to help capture this man
And regardless of situation ask for no more


Sadist - 2010/09/06

Welcome son this is your seat so sit down
Get ready so we can watch the world drown
Watch preventative measures being smashed
Listen for screams when hopes are dashed
Funnily they appear to have bet the farm
By not leaving when they heard the alarm

Well I have been caught I so want to laugh
At the idea of the wretches getting a bath
Tragedy aside it could have been prevented
Had their ignorance not been so cemented
Sadly I know not all of them end up dead
So their disease will continue to spread

Am I in the wrong or is the world corrupt
Weeping for disaster they did not interrupt
Weak men spend their days awash in the tears
While wise men seek to build on those fears
One way or another the disaster will unfold
For the lives of the wretches have been sold

They had their chance and were nicely outbid
Nor do they take responsibility as I forbid
I warn you son do not attempt to lecture me
Their worth was zero and the market is free
This is the way of the world so just accept
The value of life crashed even as they slept

Clearly you do not agree that much is certain
So look into their hearts behind the curtain
Instincts to survive manifest as vile greed
The desires and wants get confused with needs
You know it is time to start again elsewhere
So why subject me to your condemning stare?

If you wish to stay then that is your choice
Yet against my word they should not rejoice
For if love is your weapon then wrath is mine
As written in prophecies spoken by the divine
Stand with them today if it is what you wish
As I will devour you and the rest of the dish


Melange - 2010/09/05

This raging flame in which you see me burn
Stirs the stew in which your life simmers
The spices of serenity lost to evaporation
Are those moments I forever long to replay
How the final recipe will taste I know not
As from within I cannot taste of the whole
What mischievous soul is tweaking this mix
And of what sad conflict am I now betwixt?


Crutch - 2010/09/02

This crutch that I lean on is mine alone,
If there is a great flood it is my stone.
It provides reliable support when I need,
Something to clot my wounds when I bleed.
With it I can hold my head high proudly,
Knowing it shall end safely and soundly.
On the eve of great storms it spawns hope,
Even as I hurtle over treacherous slopes.
You have one too but it differs from mine,
Whether its power, lust or love so divine.
In sharing I am now showing you my crutch,
An example of my emotion reshaped as such.
For the more I share, the more I require,
Yet of this beautiful crutch I do not tire.

Witless Wasteland - 2010/09/02

Flies are buzzing beside the pungent stench
Am I alive or am I dead? Do I smell my doom?
Is this the corpse of what I have conquered
Exacting what appears to be undying revenge?
Stopped dropped and rolled yet I burn still
Why do the fire dancers hunger for my soul?
So what if I am holding kerosene in one hand
And toying with a zippo lighter in the other?
Tick tock says the golden watch I set to time
Or does it count down to a future you primed?
Am I the architect or the prisoner I know not
How can you just watch as I flail about alone?
Dear fool never mind the sizzling fuse you set
If my warnings are ignored whats left to save?
Whatever happens please open your eyes and see
Your wasteland is the spit upon which I roast

Iliad - 2010/09/02

Hey God will you force a smile onto my face
If only to lull me into a state of caring
Though if that simple request will not do
There is something else I would ask of you

Now show me a slow serendipitous slaughter
Of the sultry swindlers that slither still
Produce a weapon for my hatred is ammunition
With an insane idiotic iliad as the ignition

Voices disconnected from logical groundings
Relay requests received real time from rats
Strike the fools silent for I cannot stand
To fix fifteen fuck ups with just two hands

Tran-substantiate and taste my torrid trash
For fucks sake free yourself if only to fry
Life lacks luster even lovely lusts just lie
Tell me tormentor of tragedy as I still try

That smile I requested I really need it now
An ominous opera of the opaque is off the bow
For without the fable I fear I will fully fall
As I can no longer resist this deep dark call


Scratch - 2010/08/29

Spires of great glass towers rise around
Overshadowing all existence on the ground
The light sparkles in many newfound ways
As the inhabitants drift through their days
Confronted with a rock threatening to smash
These caretakers suddenly become very rash
Since foundations have now become fixture
Once radical evolution has ceased to occur
Time worn this edifice is beyond its peak
Despite defenses made by the slow and weak
If only the slate was cleaned now and then
Architects could improve their design again


Volition - 2010/08/27

Would be wily wizards weave their webs
Via prescribed incantations and rites
Any utterance or twitch bears meaning
Allowing one fluke to flummox the mix
The recipes and rituals flow together
Melding together in pursuit of effect
Without wise mind so rises the danger
Of the unknown contaminating it direct

Would be warriors just slew the wizards
With no regard for the dire consequences
Hung long in gallows for public viewing
Their knowledge and power wafting away
As their spells remained so incomplete
Every breath and itch spells their doom
The mixture unknown is now chaos divine
A reckoning woven on the invisible loom

Would be masters of the universe failed
To adopt a strategy that could recognize
The danger in toying with a volatile mix
Is that the complex system could crumble
If pattern of the world is torn asunder
Birthed of choice that bore no warning
Shall the remainder rebuild their lives
Or waste their divine spark by mourning?


Instigator - 2010/08/26

My viewers I have news severe
That is painful to even hear
The masses now rise to revolt
Time to polish off that colt
For they seek to usurp honor
From this country what a goner
God as my witness let us fight
Crushing them with our might

Take the children away dear
For I will hold them back
It is your job to watch over
What I sacrifice myself for
Unwashed masses now marching
Surely are coming to destroy
All that is right and is pure
This I've been told and more

Ha ha ha here we come masta
Just to eat their red hearts
After killing your children
Corruption was just step one
Simple angry hearts marching
Striking out at their betters
For no reason except our hate
Watching you bleed is so fun

My viewers this week I say
A new threat has risen today

My family I react to my fear
For reasons not quite clear

I was just minding my own business,
What the hell is wrong with you people?


Collective Comprimised - 2010/08/24

? ? ?
the sound of your thoughts
traveling through fiber lines

Knock Knock Knock
intones the front door
as you stumble out of bed

reverberate the walls
while you throw on a robe

reaches your lonely ears
as you reach for the lock

fills your ears
before you are beat senseless

moans the gavel
charging you with sedition

echo the cameras
after you are sentenced

your freedom dies
with observers soon to follow


Derelict Discord - 2010/08/22

A violent supernova is snuffing out stars
Even as we sit idly by hoping to elude it
Steel boots are marching from door to door
As we sit in hovels hoping to see tomorrow
This force of nature so human at the core
Hurtles towards Earth as the single meteor
Destined to upset the axis of all we know
By lighting the fuse of the chain reaction

From pain comes pestilence through chaos
Descending amidst hellfire sickle in hand
A clock is ticking and midnight is coming
For fingers in the ears will not stop time
While the shivers of fear will not subside
Much can be done before the telltale chime
Honest plans are the only viable strategy
To survive the night to see the new dawn

Beware the prophecies written for fools
Redemption is a fantasy fueling the fire
All stories by nature follow this pattern
As turmoil of our soul devours the world
Something wicked this way comes just ahead
Here comes the moment of tell tale choice
Shall you idle with the idolaters raving
Or go on fighting your nature to the last?

The Rest - 2010/08/22

Here comes the funny fool of which I dream
His words describe a world I have not seen
Yet his belief trumps all despite the pleas
To open his eyes and describe what he sees
Should I exist within his surreal nightmare
Substituting avarice for charity is now fair
Though the games operate on a one way street
Of such delusions his world is oh so replete
Let us all join hands and sing to the stars
While the joy of poverty covers these scars
Will he feign shock when I deny the request
Can he ever awake and one day join the rest?

Malfunction - 2010/08/22

Welcome unit one two three eight four nine seven
To the four by four space that is now your home
No possessions are allowed for you need them not
Now fill out this paperwork and begin your tasks

Hello unit one two three eight four nine seven
Your task is not complete but a transfer comes
We have new tasks for you to work on never mind
Anything you may have been working on until now

Regards unit one two three eight four nine seven
Your request for a review of past task completion
Has been throughly denied as dwelling in the past
Prevents you from processing your assigned tasks

Explain unit one two three eight four nine seven
How can you not be happy receiving mere trinkets
This arrangement of ours extends beyond payment
Perhaps the malfunction exists in your own core

Frankly unit one two three eight four nine seven
You must now submit an outline of your intentions
For refusing to accept all cogs are treated equal
Indicates an incompatibility now seemingly exists

Where is unit one two three eight four nine seven
We have no units capable of completing his tasks
It appears his mental malfunction has just grown
Beyond the ability of this the Machine to handle


Crash - 2010/08/19

Those eyes in the sky record all transactions,
Revealing the truth by stripping distractions.
The rules are not fair regardless of who cares,
Sorry is the fool who dares to defy the stares.
One has to ask can I escape before they review,
And locate the moment this foolproof plan blew.
They who have come only to win will simply lose,
If their eyes were open this would not be news.
A great sucking sound accompanies lost fortune,
For each mendicant excommunicated sans portion.


Conundrum - 2010/08/18

Pastel painted horizons shimmer to my eyes
Along the pixel precise highways portrayed
Pitch perfect electronic voices lend advice
Even as calculus equations keep reality sane
Neighbors pass hellos from continents away
With surgeons working hard from their yachts

How it all works so many pretend not to know
While even more are clearly very unconcerned
It can be simple I tell you as one of the few
Plucking the strings just to watch you dance
Yet it is so tiresome to maintain such control
Capitulating to the laziness we manufactured

I dream of the day they will rise from stupor
To take the burden of being puppet master away
What started as dominance has become day care
With pacifiers and bottles for all who do ask
Logic is now ignored replaced with primal urges
Access has become the gateway for disconnection

Awash in cash the slaves and masters reversed
Leaving the spoiled children firmly in control
Ignorance is a badge of honor leading to power
Their trite tantrums transcending into holy law
Never mind my complaint as the condition passed
For the puppet has become the master who tugs


Khufu Express - 2010/08/17

Is this the end or just another beginning
Croaked the old man with his last breath
Only time will tell when we follow along
When we each knock upon the door of death

Deep down we all dream of a river each year
Where salmon are drawn to their birth place
Dead or alive perhaps they still do return
To the beginning for the end they must face

Tornadoes are aspirations of wind so divine
Wreaking unimaginable havoc as they see fit
Does such force die or is it merely absorbed
Or subjugated by captors able to control it

Here in nature where our laws have no place
Man either made God as only a fool believes
Or chalks chaos up as a heavenly construct
One way or another we've all been deceived

So pack up your belongings and climb aboard
For this barge of ours has one destination
Instead of waiting lets go full speed ahead
Rather than live out the eventual damnation

You could wander eternally and find nothing
As space is quite empty beyond invisible gas
So be content knowing our course is set true
For we shall now fly into the flaming mass

Fret not as we return home my dear friends
As what has and will happen shall be done
There is only one way to answer my question
By reuniting with the other children of sun


Dark Star - 2010/08/16

A pitch black sky simmers with silent stars
As the tourniquet of night rapidly descends
What I once knew how to find now seems lost
After dousing the light upon which I depend
"Click Clack Click" echo terrors all around
For I now listen intently as reality sets in
Who knows what horrors will emerge this time
With the heavenly shine striped from within
So the illusion of illumination has vanished
Revealing our worlds hideous and hidden scar
Begging you onward rather than to simply die
Leaving only the semblance of this dark star

The choice seems clear if there is one at all
Now comes the time to follow the lost master
For the dark starlight will only draw one out
Of forthcoming engagement with pure disaster
Leave it all behind in the ashy worldly wastes
Believe that it was never worth having at all
Worry not for those that choose another path
Damning themselves to ruins of an urban sprawl
If and when should our sun above return to us
We vow to preserve its fruits with great care
While acknowledging hidden foils once ignored
Courtesy of a dark star that is always there


Precursor - 2010/08/15

A step behind is practically a world apart
When everything else is moving so damn fast
Multiple parts of a machine working in sync
Yet even as I understand it still wont last
Yonder comes an old ghost upon a hot horizon
Who knows what ill omen he carries this way
I know him by face yet truly I know him not
For he is mute with only his gestures to say
A storm is a coming son and you'll be behind
Quick as he existed the visage was now gone
Then along a breeze came the stench of death
For machinations never sleep for very long


Harbinger - 2010/08/13

Pellets of rain trample upon the ground
Without the visual there still is the sound
Dark reaches unveil their unknown depths
The extent of which is found only in death
Flood waters rise as the land is swallowed
Even as its inhabitants are sure to follow
Sun rays strike brilliantly and spawn hope
Yet none can be seen on this slippery slope
Words are wasted where primal urges will do
As compassionate logic is unbecoming of you


Big Hienie - 2010/08/12

Some point and laugh, others just blush,
Living in the shadow of ass ain't so bad.
When I wake in the morning I get a rush,
As a butt looming over my head is so rad.
Outlets are for losers as shopping sucks,
So take a sec to stop by if only to drool.
Admission is free but for just five bucks,
I will snap a pic of the rear and a fool.
Every visitor is a winner and gets a prize,
So check out the sights and buy shiny crap.
Accept the fact no other town can outsize,
This long lasting asstacular tourist trap.

The Road - 2010/08/12

From down the road comes the breeze,
Seems something is downwind from here.
If I move quickly I can check it out,
Before they realize I am not about.

Twisty turns at unexpected intervals,
That no road map could hope to explain.
I keep in mind that it is a one way trip,
Vowing never to backtrack after a slip.

Sadly dead ends are common and tough,
Requiring one to think outside the box.
So rather than retreat I will just lay,
One foot in front of another some way.

There is no end or final destination,
One day the trip ends and that is it.
So take some time to enjoy the journey,
Before they haul you out on the gurney.


Lords and Vassals - 2010/08/11

There is a knocking at the door
Is this my trance or am I asleep
My friends the tormentors step in
Deadbolts security guns and knives
Did I fire or did it just jam
Never mind here comes the spin

Plan what plan lets shred that shit
Oh goody now we will start over
Be grateful you still have clothes
This is a noble gift for the rest
So why do the serfs still eat dirt
Truth escapes via info overload

It is pitch black and I cannot see
Hey little man just step forward
Oh is that where we left our wall
Drunk a concoction brewed by fools
So I am too a fool by association
Now is the time to puke it back up

This manmade disaster now unfolds
Look back big mouth before its gone
Why the fuck did I invite them inside
I am out of breath and gasping loud
Squeezed so tight I cannot scream
Beware for the lords of lies have won


Interloper - 2010/08/08

My ears are wide open and my heart locked shut,
As I prepare for my morning in the lions den.
Let us listen as babbling births the prophecy,
That enshrines fears they have held secretly.

Moneychangers and soothsayers together forever,
Bring crowds of paupers paying for their penance.
Can I identify the pattern they attempt to weave,
From the outside looking in as I do not believe?

Sight and science are now stranded by the wayside,
As blind faith in this puppetry still persists.
For if their marionettes will dance on command,
What line exists between the saved and damned?

So blurred is their world of defined absolutes,
I have trouble telling the good from the bad.
As I cannot put faith in either Jekyll or Hyde,
I shall seek of myself by choosing my own side.


Enola Gay - 2010/08/07

Oh freedom that is to come how I long for thee
Saints in the sky please release me from the pain
Let not your stomach turn at the violent thoughts
For your purpose is polar to what we have wrought

Our lives are a hedge against the probable loss
Of the hordes of white knights solemnly marching
Women and children screams of which will subside
Though seared shadows in stone are hard to hide

Spread glorious wings and introduce your disease
As the tendrils of fission touch every living soul
Explain as you may and invent statistics outright
We are the ghosts who damn you to an eternal night

These deeds of great destruction shan't be forgot
Even as the layers of history settle atop the tale
So march on dear fools you witless battle thralls
Pay heed to your victims the shadows on the walls


Dead End - 2010/08/05

The gavel slams. The decision has been made.
Now is the time to flee or to stay and face,
The burden of the fate that has been laid out.

Sentencing. Orders. Custody. Transfer. Search.
If we can strip it all away here then so be it,
For without emptiness you will not survive.

Grab Your Shit. Get Out. Flee. No Extradition.
You've already lost what you cannot get back,
For we will be nipping at your shadow's heels.

Crawl Home. Clean It. Load It. Point. Fire.
Things got rough so lets just make them worse,
Who the hell knows where you will end up next?

One way or another the chains will be applied.


Damocles - 2010/08/03

Dust is swirling as far as the naked eye can see,
While the crops we plant are dying of starvation.
Till this dry soil we must for promise it holds,
Even as the plan of hateful indignation unfolds.

We are all in now for there can be no going back,
Mortgaged to the hilt with oblivion at our sides.
Forced to sell out before we have gotten to try,
Is enough to drive tears from a dust plagued eye.

So when this harvest fails as we all know it will,
The overseers shall come to collect on our debts.
We shall be ejected from our homes with a grin,
For avarice with interest is clearly not a sin.

Food is not for fools as money is for masters,
Even as we continue to starve at their expense.
By the sweat of our brows we still shall burn,
For dust we are and to dust we shall return.


Vitriolic Veracity - 2010/07/31

Forces flow against these forces locked inside,
Causing the pressure to increase beyond design.
Triumph rings loud and clear via trumpets about,
As the cries of victory emanate from the devout.

Victory redefined is here but at terrible cost,
For the lemmings below are now all but slain.
Not realizing the final act is still abreast,
And their will to survive will be put to test.

As sweet Pandora with her box open it she must,
If only to set loose the demonic terrors inside.
For only via disgust of the truth can they rise,
As they rise from ashes with flames in the eyes.

So if only to save this destruction is but fate,
Value not what I have but what they would take.
For symmetry of being shall never be achieved,
If tenants of greed and hate are still believed.


Midnight in the Mine - 2010/07/30

A silhouette cowers inside this pitch black space,
This creature living in fear yet he too has a face.
In the shroud of the night all sights remain unseen,
As cries of abominations defy the theory of a dream.
With no way out the only option is to go further in,
Wishfully praying he doesn't go where they have been.
Weep dear friends as there is no path of escape set,
As he carves the earth promising to repay the debt.

Escape is a whimsical delusion as he crawls deeper,
Quite careful to elude the slimes and the creepers.
Yet how deep can one go before the bottom is hit?
How far can he proceed on a path that is not lit?
Ever deeper he digs even as his tools just break,
Until his hands uncover a vast subterranean lake.
Light springs forth for water is not here flowing,
This lake is filled with lava silent and glowing.

The deadly formation harbors many different prizes,
Namely the gold deposits of all shapes and sizes.
Diamonds flung about like a child's cast off toys,
Compliment the iron and coal that bring great joy.
Suitably equipped his passions give birth to plans,
As he forges tools of creation with his bare hands.
So from earth's depths his return trip now begins,
For each dawn he lives to see is yet another win.