Debasement Discounted - 2010/04/18

This tree in the forest a great edifice that I found,
On some ordinary day suddenly tumbled to the ground.
Splinters and branches now lie all scattered about,
The innards exposed even as it once stood so stout.
Oh what sort of tragedy could without warning befell,
A great behemoth of the forest once alive and well.
Though one might expect the melancholy to overtake,
We yearned to find the truth given what was at stake.
Frantically we searched exploring the area around,
Yet if there was a culprit it dared not make a sound.
Then as the sunlight of the day slowly began to wane,
A revelation came into being that laid it out plain.
For this companion of ours the tree on the floor,
Had for years been rotting all the way to the core.
Even as we sat enjoying the vacation from the sun,
It was a dormant husk as its course had been run.
Taken aback with the pleasure found in the moment,
The truth had simply left us begging for atonement.
This course of mortality could it have been changed,
By open eyes could consequences have been arranged?
Alas clockwork of the forest moves forward not back,
And distinct application does this lesson now lack.
A lesson learned, a moral victory without the merit,
If with our children we are unwilling to share it.


Recursion - 2010/04/14

Spirals of time forging their way ahead through space,
A vision of the future turning free will on its face.
Whispers of darkness nipping at the tail of the past,
Circling around to an expansion of energy then mass.
A wheel within a wheel seems to lie ahead and behind,
Creating an emptiness unavoidable by all but the blind.
As a spec of animate matter within the cosmic stream,
Limitations of my perspective are not what they seem.
For I have freely made a choice and accept I do exist,
Though I will allow the doubt a license to persist.
For only the open questions with which I am crammed,
Allow me to feel truly alive, recursion be damned.


Synergistic Prophecy - 2010/04/13

Tick tock moans the forgotten grandfather clock,
Driving towards a future the laymen still mock.
Children of the martyrs your fathers be damned,
Your pain will be swept away by blood of lamb.
Visions of a savior amongst destruction to be,
Creating a vicious cycle believers cannot see.
All in the name of unity and upper moral ground,
Dogma that will crumble on its own without sound.
How can this be that these many footmen now arise,
If a prophecy written in blood is the only prize?

Only a traitor dares to judge will of the state,
Fair trial be damned this we will not tolerate.
Lips may move but as long as no ideas emerge,
In unlimited freedom our subjects may splurge.
For the holy cause we proceed no matter how daft,
Ignoring the tidal waves that threaten our craft.
The ship may be sinking but we are all still here,
Alas the rats are too addicted to flee out of fear.
So look about quickly to either side of your space,
Enjoy the preview of the fate you will soon face.

Those on the high ground the overflow comes to you,
The lack of air to breathe will bring you down too.
Hark to those above soaring through use of flight,
No amount of superiority can conquer this might.
Escape you may seek but escape you will not find,
You eyes shall be consumed by those who were blind.
For the ultimate doom will rise up from deep below,
A final reminder of the responsibility you stowed.
So how can it be that we choose to outright ignore,
The consequence fate has shown is surely in store?


Rusalka - 2010/04/11

At a black river which lay still in the twilight,
A visage of that woman can be seen by moonlight.
Her eyes are dark and her features are blood red,
Those ghastly cries making it clear she is dead.
Yet I feel no fear, so I stand agape and listen,
As the moonbeams beg the murky waters to glisten.
Of what does she sing this fair maiden wrought,
Either of tragedy or perhaps a love once sought?
While morning mist comes, I wonder how she fell,
Knowing there are never easy answers from hell.
Visions of darkness begin to wrack my frail mind,
In an effort to confuse the truth I would find.
The river goes wild and then becomes a torrent,
This sensation of suffocation is truly abhorrent.
With my final breath denied, I now feel so free,
Unburdened by my senses, the truth I now can see.
My sympathy is wasted and my sacrifice in vain,
The bitterness of this trap laid seems so plain.
Beauty in a trance veils the dark demon within,
Along with cries of pain designed to draw me in.
The water is its home also serving as my prison,
Though I am bound and enslaved without derision.
For her power is great and my resistance frail,
Anxiously awaiting the day she'll tell the tale.


Seppuku - 2010/04/08

I toppled head over heels into the deepest hole,
My reach exceeded my ability to grasp the goal.
It was a final stretch I was hoping would provide,
A bridge over the growing gap I could not abide.
With one slip I tumbled; wind whistling in my ears,
Unconcerned that the bottom is graced by my fears.
Rather I looked up; imagining if I hadn't missed,
Ignoring the fact it was all destined to go amiss.
Some might say fuck it, but I'm starting to enjoy,
As terminal velocity is better than being a toy.
Side by side monuments to my success are abound,
Laughing manically; such a damn refreshing sound.
Though below me there is only pitch black to see,
Ignoring shades of others I did not want to be.

The deeper I tumble the less I seem to still rue,
The idea that I would likely be eaten by a grue.
Wondering I imagine what tragedy lies at the end,
What horrors are waiting for me around the bend?
I envision nasty wicked blades designed to slice,
Or Russian Roulette albeit with fully loaded dice.
Maybe a classic; an Iron Maiden that will pierce,
Perhaps a slow finale that will hurt real fierce?
Though maybe something more fitting is in store,
But a failure getting run through is such a bore.

Whatever end may be in store; I can feel peace,
As I no longer care enough to try and overreach.
So that when the time comes and I exit this hole,
I will just turn my back on this impossible goal.
Is it worth having if only as a means to an end,
Inviting the horror lurking beyond the next bend?
So rather than flap my arms and attempt to fly,
As a leaf on the wind I will just enjoy the ride.


Xeroderma Pigmentosum - 2010/04/07

Such words of zeal, cutting into flesh all about,
Whatever form they take, they are easy to ignore.
Words strung together make for a simple serenade,
In a vacuum, it's hard to know what they are for.
Sentences laid side by side form a line of thought,
Ears around perk up as the threat begins to form.
The thoughts lead from one conclusion to the next,
Then without warning an idea emerges from the storm.
Scramble heathens, for a rock under which to hide,
The world is moving along regardless of agreement.
Watch as they band together, united in their fear,
Slowing the wheels of progress with their cement.
What forlorn fools as they just cannot understand,
An idea only has a single weakness, a better one.
So dear world rage on into the dying of the light,
Your eclipse will only give way to a brighter sun.


Cacophony - 2010/04/06

Whispers in the wind, those are voices in my head,
Too many too fast, I am unable to hear what is said.
Demands and desires, confusion between want and need,
Pleading for peace, yet no soul seems to take heed.
Pressure builds, no true outlet provided for release,
How I wish I could plug my ears and make it all cease.
Perhaps by attempting to ignore, some might go away,
But more than likely the melodrama is here to stay.
Visions of round rubber rooms grace my good nights,
As a good dose of silence can cure these plights.


Vexing Way - 2010/04/25

On this night I shall soon settle down to slumber,
Yet another opportunity to venture into the unknown.
Will the grasp of my mind hold firm or shall I avoid,
Awakening in a sweat wishing only that I was alone.
And if hellions buried with my psyche choose to wake,
Can there still be time after dawn to sit and atone?

How I hope debauchery does not reveal something deep,
An inner truth that I claim outwardly not to believe.
For when I awake will I find myself now rearranged,
A stranger with unfamiliar thread forced to reweave.
For if mental tormentors roam slaying without care,
Come daylight what reality will I choose to perceive?

Or perhaps I will just peacefully float in the void,
Allowed to rest easy while horrors are kept at bay.
Until the sunrise when my devices will ruefully wake,
Causing me to scramble about in a vain effort to stay.
The only question remaining is one I should not ask,
Is there a way to cross from void to the vexing way?

Wheel - 2010/04/05

Silently stalking prey abound in the vast underbrush,
It is our ability to capture it we supremely trust.
An existence undoubted, vindicated by the long chase,
As debts of time are built without heed to the waste.
The thrill is inherent, it drives us further along,
Thinking only of the target, not what may be wrong.
Yet it eludes us time after time again as we follow,
Even as the lie of success becomes easier to swallow.
Soon we are celebrating amidst the joy of the win,
Unable to comprehend that it is nothing but spin.
As the power of this system comes from a delusion,
The belief we are moving forward in this illusion.
How wide my eyes must seem to those who are blind,
Souls tenured in the vicious cycle of this grind.


Interwoven Entanglements - 2010/04/03

A shadow in the darkness, I still cry out to you,
You will not hear, though it is my voice you rue,
My words are fair and bring no judgment to bear,
Even though guilt and punishment make quite a pair.
Hearsay be damned, the circumstances are the same,
Except perhaps you now know the stakes of this game.
If hurt is a glass, you can never fill it with pain,
To drink is deadly, leaving only the will to abstain.
Poison on the platter, starvation in the other hand,
The waters in this flood now seek to engulf the land,
And yet here we are awaiting your return with hope,
But alone with this particular dilemma you must cope.
So make your peace with the past, forge the sunrise,
Turn down the wealth of your world, a vast surprise,
Seek peace in the dark corners where it does hide,
Making peace with yourself no matter what you decide.