My Day - 2010/05/24

I did not hit a goose crossing the road.
Quack. Quack. Thud. Splat.
Others were not in "save the goose" mode.

I examined a system hacked by a foreign fool.
Beep. Beep. Ding. You Got Mail.
Whoever let it happen is most certainly a tool.

Today my 401k did not take any sort of hit.
Click. Click. Zoom. Crash.
The regulators can't explain that flash shit.

In two hours I fixed a computer a chick broke.
Wah. Wah. Boo. Hoo.
I couldn't find the weed she apparently toked.

I played Monopoly against three AI bots.
Ching. Ching. Enjoy your stay.
Those bums still owe me cash on those lots.

I wrote some lame tripe illustrating a need.
Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.
Too bad none of my Facebook friends can read.


Whirlpool - 2010/05/23

Empty husks searching for sustenance lusting for blood,
Living only in the now oblivious to the oncoming flood.
From parasites to fish to the multi-limbed abominations,
They are driven to destroy regardless of condemnations.
Only thru the sacrifice of those below can they survive,
A circular cycle of feasting from which life is derived.
A dream much like the pendulum swinging without an end,
Will be disintegrated by the forces on which it depends.
For this circular cycle is really quite a tight spiral,
Spinning inward instead of outward as existence is viral.
Acceptance is irrelevant as it has already been decreed,
The pattern ends when there is nothing on which to feed.


An Affliction of Addiction for Attention - 2010/05/20

I can see you shrouded in darkness stranded all alone,
Praying that your tin god will just pick up the phone.
Your screaming shatters my ears as you drive us away,
By telling a fable designed to draw attention your way.
Your actions just incite fits of uncontrollable rage,
Even as we resolve to leave you back on the first page.

I marvel at how persistent your delusion seems to be,
A bit of truth and fantasy of which you cannot be free.
I weep for the loss coming in the near future you see,
For I have no doubt that your blame will lay with me.
Yet it is a burden that I am willing to wholly accept,
As our lives will be free of your miserable contempt.

Step into my ring and let us duel this one last time,
Guilt will be your weapon and this rhyme will be mine.
Break out the god damned gospel and let it just scream,
As I prove that I will not lured by that fitful dream.
Let eternity wither and die as we counter each attack,
For with this step forward there is just no going back.

Alas winning is to losing as fighting is to surrender,
So we shall fore go the role of harrier and defender.
Now I will mourn the loss of the half of you I adore,
While gutting the memories of the other that I abhor.
As cutting the cord is the only escape I can mention,
From your hateful affliction of addiction for attention.


Snake Eyes - 2010/05/19

A thousand monkeys and a thousand machines every day,
Create opportunity for those out there selling a way.
An army of dunces very willing to ignore obvious odds,
Making it up by taking total advantage of fellow clods.
Still they keep coming despite logic showing no chance,
Of a guaranteed failure affecting their worldly stance.
Why do they all employ tactics I know are quite wrong,
Who am I to ask as I profit from the short straw drawn?

Malice - 2010/05/19

Staring in the mirror with only my face staring back,
Wondering why the alarm clock couldn't cut me slack.
It may seem clear I need a good shower and a shave,
Yet all I can do is give the world a one finger wave.
Face to face what a story this ugly face has to tell,
The end of which tells me the world is going to hell.

Driving down the road behind fools ignoring the lights,
Making up time by passing jackasses seeing the sights.
It may seem clear I have an anger problem as I describe,
The message I would use automatic weapons to inscribe.
What a pathetic shitty story this traffic has to tell,
The end of which tells me the world is going to hell.

Coding so fast that jets of smoke billow from my ears,
Rather pointlessly as one solution is worth three jeers.
It may seem clear my priorities are wrong as I relate,
Details of the artificial drama that I cannot subjugate.
Each and every email is a chapter in a story I now tell,
The end of which tells me the world is going to hell.

Coming home is frankly the best part of yet another day,
Where I sit back and relax and escape the shit of today.
It may seem clear my life is a paradise after I pass on,
The joy of my lovely wife, my cats and my half cut lawn.
Each evening serves to contradict the story I would tell,
Providing constant proof that world is not going to hell.


Lullaby - 2010/05/17

There are ashes all about even swirling in the air,
Every breath a reminder with each choke oh so fair.
May hap a storm will arrive and wash away this mess,
Or perhaps this blaze will just extinguish the rest.
Though it seems more likely that we will have to live,
With ashy remains of the past that cause us to writhe.

There is a scalding all around rising up from the sands,
A heat so intense it now seems to parch our very glands.
Torrents of crackle and snap begin to assault our ears,
A visible consequence of destruction feeding our fears.
Beyond the boiling point there is no simmer in this brew,
Only the tidal wave of fate that our children will rue.

From ashes this all started and to ashes it shall return,
The sins of the lemmings are erased only if they do burn.
Torrents of deep black smoke reach towards heaven up high,
Forming another ziggurat only without any real reason why.
Yet time is on our side as one day these skies will clear,
Long after the perpetrators of this farce are dead my dear.


Flight of the Fool - 2010/05/13

Set course for the future and make the heading direct,
Disregard the world around you precious little insect.
Buzz about raging against forces quite uncontrolled,
Knowing others have failed ignoring what you were told.
Alas the signs are directing you down an alternate path,
The craft you are flying is not powered solely by wrath.
With eyes of fury ablaze you take off still unprepared,
The consequences of carelessness are cruel if you care.

Die Interloper comes the scream of the charge up above,
Showing you have forgotten the cause and lost the love.
Shall you grapple your targets and pluck out their eyes,
Or drain their black blood using it to coat the skies?
And once they lay murdered will your rage now subside,
Or will only more sacrifice fill the emptiness inside?
What clever destruction ensues as you refuse to face,
The taint of a tragedy you still deny with all haste.

Yet face it you must in any event that I can conceive,
For reality flies in the face of what you do believe.
So when your crusade is complete and you return home,
Will it remain preserved or smoldering as would Rome?
If the very prize will be lost for which you fought,
What was the goal of the destruction you have wrought?
These thoughts and questions are giving me the sight,
To remain grounded and refrain from joining the flight.


Canary - 2010/05/09

Little canary in the cage, how ornate you appear to me,
I cannot express how well you blend in with what I see.
As part of the scenery we request that you make no noise,
For that might ruin the crafted illusion of lovely poise.

Little canary in the cage, it seems you wish to scream,
Such an ear piercing rattle might reveal that not seen.
Your life is a series of puzzle pieces forming a trap,
One wrong move and its trigger might activate and snap.

Little canary in the cage, I know you tried to fly away,
I wept for life without you would be night without day.
So fuck the scenery, I have decided to set it all ablaze,
For your happiness there is an entire world I would raze.

Little canary in the cage, I only offer my sincere hope,
That you will find what you need and return to this dope.
Cry all you'd like for I am only too content to attend,
Loving, leading and learning as I yearn to help mend.