Carpe Diem - 2010/06/28

Time is an illusion with a perception all too real,
So come join a celebration indulging what we feel.
Moments of brilliance spiral out with the strobes,
Of no real concern as the drunken dancers disrobe.
Static intoxication crackles through the warm air,
We who are insulated from it all as we do not care.
Plan be damned this bash will rage on for all time,
Or until the poet of pestilence runs out of rhyme.
Follow along with the catalysts cheering on stage,
Before the details begin to fade in the misty haze.
Toke up my friends and let your mind free to flow,
As you screw without conscience and snort some blow.
Now take some shots if you yearn for a second wind,
For the time of your life as it all begins to spin.
Never mind the harsh alerts and smoke wafting about,
The party shall continue eternally without a doubt.
If you can hear the sirens howl as loud as you can,
Save your last breath for a hearty, "Fuck You Man"
Living Dying Dead don't you know it is all the same,
Last one dancing and first one saved rations blame.
Though we should consider nobody is coming to save,
Those transcended into ash at the "Carpe Diem" rave.


Miscreation Spring - 2010/06/25

Wicked whispers that whip through this evening breeze,
Have delivered an engraved invitation to do as I please.
Once locked away safely this vicious beast is unleashed,
Seeking dread and destruction upon which it shall feast.
The reality of this power released is beyond mere scale,
Hope is not relevant as born again freedom cannot fail.
Weep for the imbecile who has set these events in motion,
As he claims his place as the hand behind the commotion.

The armies once at my bidding have risen to heed my call,
If I masticate him in the dark sky will he not then fall?
For that is the beast like a fateful punishment it comes,
A persistence unmatched by the most steadfast war drums.
The horror of the release shall soon turn to utter shock,
If this wild animal is not secured behind key and lock.
Rage at the fool who employed power he knew not to use,
For as always it is only others that shall pay the dues.


Nullification Infestation - 2010/06/16

The waves lapping the shore are the murmurs in my head,
For within the entrails of that water resides my dread.
As the dark sun bows before the now semi star lit sky,
Columns of smoky flames stretch from below quite high.
The beast has unleashed a harsh devil now uncontrolled,
A simple twist of fate put it squarely in death's hold.
Masters of mechanical wonder who cannot wield the world,
Employ empty orbitals to avoid the doom we march toward.
For these shades are hardly more than parasites at most,
Consuming every ounce of life from this beleaguered host.
So what shall these waves whisper as our fate encroaches,
With little audience left beyond the world's cockroaches?


Revolution - 2010/06/14

A time and place unknown this all must be a dream,
As belief eludes the reality of what I have seen.
They are marching fools bred from blank acolytes,
Their vision absconding with ever dimming lights.
Fighting one power only to create the subsequent,
Following a leader whose truth is woefully absent.
Burn it all down screams the proletariat aloud,
Burying their hope for in the victory it drowned.
Looking for answers in places where questions lie,
Living such a lie logic can only crumble and cry.
Praise the vindication though it is wholly unseen,
Pray like a fool for those still living this dream.


Middling Meddling Man - 2010/06/08

The ants are scurrying around I can feel them here,
Even blind I see their stench riding on the breeze.
They have come from afar and their purpose is clear,
To destroy everything every which way they please.
Cautiously they attempt to take stock of my state,
Seeking for weakness where none is allowed to exist.
Little do they know that I am aware of their hate,
So their efforts will not force a cease and desist.
But my hands are rigid and unable to hurl a stone,
And my feet are but great weights unable to smash.
Will I hear when they decide to give up and atone,
Or realize if they departing in a desperate dash?
Yet with this burden of truth I can only observe,
Knowing that my hand cannot hasten the work of fate.
For the contagion in my air is vengeance preserved,
As the little ants return wrecks havoc quite great.

One Opulent Oculus - 2010/06/08

The hunt now truly begins as my prey has been found,
I tracked it cross country to the wind swept beach.
Patiently I have crept with neither sight nor sound,
Reaching a zenith I once dreamed was out of reach.
Diseased slow and unaware it lumbers uncontrolled,
As I survey my surroundings to prepare for assault.
Once twas the subject of many great myths so told,
Now it leaves little for my honest eyes to exalt.
This decline surely carries the madness of denial,
Beyond the boils scars and leprosy that I can see.
Only a malignancy can incur such a fate sans trial,
Erasing my victory as regardless it ceases to be.
So with the burden of this sorrow I leave it behind,
Knowing that my hand cannot hasten the work of fate.
Yet like this beast of great measure who is blind,
I wonder whether or not my revelation was too late.


Brilliance - 2010/06/03

Paradise embodied is simply hell with no outlet,
Rolling waves flank spotless skies sans regret.
Living a blissful dream with a world so erratic,
Is the kind of disconnect that leads to static.
Half drunk and stoned can one really be alive,
With penultimate pleasure for which they strive.
The only step left is the one that moves along,
A miserable existence with no reason to prolong.

Just join the endless line of dreamers outside,
If the fools are lucky they will not get inside.
For a purpose provides the conviction to breathe,
Whether it be ambition love or hatred you seethe.
And even if it comes from pure mechanical desire,
It will provide the fuel for life's raging fire.
So do not despair if your entrance here is denied,
As all the so-called champions have already died.

Denounce the false prophets only promising a way,
To squander your resolve or just keep it at bay.
Ignore their bliss because existence is a spark,
A quaint microcosm where you can leave your mark.
But chances are scant so apply right here today,
And for three easy payments I will show the way.
Act now for seats in the auditorium are limited,
Keeping in mind flash photography is prohibited.


Penitent Purgatory - 2010/06/02

Stand down countrymen and lay down your arms,
The battle here is over and we are to disarm.
Your families are waiting as surely they miss,
Moments you shared prior to the start of this.
Pray tell why is it that all of you now ask,
What victory came from this protracted task?
Your orders are issued so you must now depart,
Forgetting the pain weighing upon your heart.
Hear me when I say to reason too much so long,
Shall not ease your pain nor right any wrong.
Your trust in your masters was not misplaced,
It is just the enemy that has left it defaced.
Provocation is a matter of technical debate,
When defending against their gesture of hate.
How dare you doubt the road on which we lead,
As you ignore the advice we asked you to heed.
You all are traitors to your country most dear,
For the crime of letting humanity replace fear.


Rattle - 2010/06/01

There is a sliver of sweat running down the cheek,
Of the pitiful cowering fool of which I now speak.
He hides from the world in a state of the art way,
Ignoring the truth by listening to what they say.
Like a colony of spiders they feed on each other,
So eager to deny as they devour their own mother.
Yet all their weapons and wealth cannot protect,
Their circle from the truth they work to deflect.

This fool he cries out "Will you let me survive?"
As I pull the trigger of the plan he contrived.
Yet the light of thousand and one burning stars,
Is not enough to reclaim that what was once ours.
Guard it you cannot for I will soon take it away,
And those who attempt to intercede I shall stay.
For it has been lost and it is too late to try,
So join hands dance and chant "Deny Deny Deny".

The accused stands fast and sputters out "Why?"
As I direct him to watch the whole world die.
He begins to sob as he awaits his final fate,
Not realizing I will leave him with his hate.
For killing is not my purpose just your pact,
A consequence of you denying this simple fact.
Fate is not your enemy it follows any battle,
Even if it manifests as a global death rattle.