Vitriolic Veracity - 2010/07/31

Forces flow against these forces locked inside,
Causing the pressure to increase beyond design.
Triumph rings loud and clear via trumpets about,
As the cries of victory emanate from the devout.

Victory redefined is here but at terrible cost,
For the lemmings below are now all but slain.
Not realizing the final act is still abreast,
And their will to survive will be put to test.

As sweet Pandora with her box open it she must,
If only to set loose the demonic terrors inside.
For only via disgust of the truth can they rise,
As they rise from ashes with flames in the eyes.

So if only to save this destruction is but fate,
Value not what I have but what they would take.
For symmetry of being shall never be achieved,
If tenants of greed and hate are still believed.


Midnight in the Mine - 2010/07/30

A silhouette cowers inside this pitch black space,
This creature living in fear yet he too has a face.
In the shroud of the night all sights remain unseen,
As cries of abominations defy the theory of a dream.
With no way out the only option is to go further in,
Wishfully praying he doesn't go where they have been.
Weep dear friends as there is no path of escape set,
As he carves the earth promising to repay the debt.

Escape is a whimsical delusion as he crawls deeper,
Quite careful to elude the slimes and the creepers.
Yet how deep can one go before the bottom is hit?
How far can he proceed on a path that is not lit?
Ever deeper he digs even as his tools just break,
Until his hands uncover a vast subterranean lake.
Light springs forth for water is not here flowing,
This lake is filled with lava silent and glowing.

The deadly formation harbors many different prizes,
Namely the gold deposits of all shapes and sizes.
Diamonds flung about like a child's cast off toys,
Compliment the iron and coal that bring great joy.
Suitably equipped his passions give birth to plans,
As he forges tools of creation with his bare hands.
So from earth's depths his return trip now begins,
For each dawn he lives to see is yet another win.


Big Mouth - 2010/07/27

Here is a secret I want you to keep to yourself,
Lock it in your vault, hide the key on your shelf.
This tidbit is labeled though it does not exist,
While the only ones who know are marked on a list.

Okay you kept it secure for that was just a test,
That secret was nonsense told merely in cute jest.
So here are a few thousand more we want to hide,
In you little analyst we have chosen to confide.

Oh shit it seems that some dirty foreigner knows,
So precious confidant tell us did you share those?
We will find out so mark these angry bitter words,
The corpse of big mouth will be left for the birds.

Never mind suspect it seems the people do not care,
As these secrets only confirm what was out there.
For secrets mean little against willful ignorance,
And bashful little lemmings are rarely a hindrance.

Monticello Misfire - 2010/07/27

The violence rages on even as I am down and out,
For the slavish exercise broke this body of mine.
Yet voices long dead reverberate through ages past,
Asking me to make the game gone wrong my very last.

Oh how sweet it would be to walk amongst the trees,
Cradling the only lover to ever stick by my side.
Steady yourselves for a bold statement I will make,
Beyond the grave my courageous friend I shall take.

So drop that ball and pick up this carbine friend,
March in step while humming your independent tune.
Stand and trade your sweat for a bit of moderation,
Ready aim fire and you will discover some salvation.

What motive is there in this enterprise of mine,
Alas I am only trying to build up your character.
For my advice here serves to stamp an impression,
Heaven forbid a fool interfere with your obsession.


Darkly Dawn - 2010/07/26

The sun will soon rise on the distant horizon,
Illuminating decaying remains we have not seen.
Yet for now darkness prevails and is steadfast,
While architects prepare for the imminent blast.

A kingdom of perma-shade with justice for all,
Yet without the light we cannot read the vows.
So swear on my friends for retribution is lost,
Snatch away regardless of what it seems to cost.

The first rays of hope shine bright like flame,
Vaporizing those left behind to bear the brunt.
This ambiance will then outlay the twisty path,
Leading to annihilation by virtue of our wrath.

Consider for a moment that the will was absent,
To act upon the waste as the opportunity passes.
Weep for the phoenix is just smoldering still,
While architects devise the next costly thrill.


Mindful Entropy - 2010/07/25

The glass recoils as I reach out with my hand,
While staring intently at my reflection again.
Why does he grin so mischievously as I enforce,
Calculated choices following my preset course?

The frame hums as my lips attempt to explain,
How I have attended to his egotistical concerns.
When shall he open his ears and listen if ever,
Or shall his defiance reveal something clever?

The visage becomes distorted as my mind subdues,
The emotional response that threatens it all.
Who cares what terror I have imprisoned within,
If those choices have never ever truly been?

The mirror shatters as my heart takes control,
Allowing that once imprisoned to fly free again.
What shall become of these reborn joined as one,
Will he accept this fate or has he been undone?


Oasis - 2010/07/21

Little fairy where have you scampered to?
The scorching sun simmers and it broils,
Leaving my lips without words to insist,
This degenerate way I need you to exist.

Was it all a dream when you spoke to me?
Your searing visage blinded these eyes,
As harpsichords played symphonies of hell,
Beautiful malevolence of which I did tell.

Is your desertion an illusion or a lie?
To mourn this loss of what I never had,
Is infestation of masochism at the core,
As I long for the suffering all the more.

So dear fairy of what should I dream?
If only you'd return and guide my hand,
Together we could unlock heavyset eyes,
Spinning many threads of marvelous lies.


Lucid Locusts - 2010/07/14

The noisy little pest nipping at my heels,
Is silenced with a deft move of my foot.
For a time there is silence yet no peace,
As where there is one there must be more.
This dream within a dream where I reside,
Will not manifest within their presence.
So when two appear to check on the ghost,
I simply order each to devour the other.
Pleasure drawn from power I have abused,
Reignites my senses as they work to obey.
Suddenly through a twist of fate it ends,
With one then two falling back to think.
Then with that slip the horde is upon me,
Angry and threatening to destroy it all.
I would scream if I were not now choking,
As they force themselves down my throat.
My eyes I refuse to open so I cannot see,
Those pawns uniting while divided I fall.


Indomitable - 2010/07/13

Armed with immortal words floating by my head,
I shall stand fast before all onslaughts hence.
While the faults shudder and the earth cracks,
I will staunchly resist division as is my right.
Inside my stony adobe a love yearns for release,
I shall remain strong as its outreach is denied.
Outside a violent battle threatens to engulf all,
I shall rise above and refuse to bear any arms.
Fraught with the tragedy that weighs on my soul,
I shall keep a clear head with rational thought.
Damned for asking fair questions of either side,
I will not burn what others dare me to set ablaze.
Blood that is spilled yet is neither of or by me,
I shall mourn the loss and attempt to reconcile.
Though devious puzzles and confusion are around,
I shall distract with pursuits of a higher order.
Regardless of what trials face us in times ahead,
I shall honor my namesake striving to ameliorate.


Undergrowth - 2010/07/01

Queries abound like strains of poison in my head,
Serve to obscure visions of a future that I dread.
Past nostalgic clouds this fairy tale plays out,
As a warning to skeptics and a hymn to the devout.
What a story I would tell if but I knew the words,
Describing a portrait I would paint for the birds.

The lead in is laden with copious poverty and need,
Enhanced by back story that makes your heart bleed.
From this careful foundation of chaos arises hope,
Delivered at specific points along a gradual slope.
Yet for this underdog for whom we created concern,
The dreams become derelicts while the world turns.

The second act revolves around the newborn child,
Who then animates the dead hope that once ran wild.
An epic tale of growth guided by this learned hand,
Energizes the world as this child makes his stand.
Despite these mediocre origins a covenant is formed,
As the now magnificent man takes the world by storm.

Alas there is no definite conclusion to be relayed,
Though for I, the final act, the path has been laid.
How this existence of mine today pales when stacked,
Against those of my fathers whom contemporaries back.
The tendrils of timidity hold my life in their grip,
Waiting to feast on the tragedy when I finally slip.

Answers abound like cold cleavers severing my spine,
Preserve the details in the opportunities I unwind.
In a bleak and dark future the lingering past haunts,
Teaching those who it can even as it sits and taunts.
This is a story I would forget if I but knew the way,
To wipe the slate clean if even for a single damn day.