Scratch - 2010/08/29

Spires of great glass towers rise around
Overshadowing all existence on the ground
The light sparkles in many newfound ways
As the inhabitants drift through their days
Confronted with a rock threatening to smash
These caretakers suddenly become very rash
Since foundations have now become fixture
Once radical evolution has ceased to occur
Time worn this edifice is beyond its peak
Despite defenses made by the slow and weak
If only the slate was cleaned now and then
Architects could improve their design again


Volition - 2010/08/27

Would be wily wizards weave their webs
Via prescribed incantations and rites
Any utterance or twitch bears meaning
Allowing one fluke to flummox the mix
The recipes and rituals flow together
Melding together in pursuit of effect
Without wise mind so rises the danger
Of the unknown contaminating it direct

Would be warriors just slew the wizards
With no regard for the dire consequences
Hung long in gallows for public viewing
Their knowledge and power wafting away
As their spells remained so incomplete
Every breath and itch spells their doom
The mixture unknown is now chaos divine
A reckoning woven on the invisible loom

Would be masters of the universe failed
To adopt a strategy that could recognize
The danger in toying with a volatile mix
Is that the complex system could crumble
If pattern of the world is torn asunder
Birthed of choice that bore no warning
Shall the remainder rebuild their lives
Or waste their divine spark by mourning?


Instigator - 2010/08/26

My viewers I have news severe
That is painful to even hear
The masses now rise to revolt
Time to polish off that colt
For they seek to usurp honor
From this country what a goner
God as my witness let us fight
Crushing them with our might

Take the children away dear
For I will hold them back
It is your job to watch over
What I sacrifice myself for
Unwashed masses now marching
Surely are coming to destroy
All that is right and is pure
This I've been told and more

Ha ha ha here we come masta
Just to eat their red hearts
After killing your children
Corruption was just step one
Simple angry hearts marching
Striking out at their betters
For no reason except our hate
Watching you bleed is so fun

My viewers this week I say
A new threat has risen today

My family I react to my fear
For reasons not quite clear

I was just minding my own business,
What the hell is wrong with you people?


Collective Comprimised - 2010/08/24

? ? ?
the sound of your thoughts
traveling through fiber lines

Knock Knock Knock
intones the front door
as you stumble out of bed

reverberate the walls
while you throw on a robe

reaches your lonely ears
as you reach for the lock

fills your ears
before you are beat senseless

moans the gavel
charging you with sedition

echo the cameras
after you are sentenced

your freedom dies
with observers soon to follow


Derelict Discord - 2010/08/22

A violent supernova is snuffing out stars
Even as we sit idly by hoping to elude it
Steel boots are marching from door to door
As we sit in hovels hoping to see tomorrow
This force of nature so human at the core
Hurtles towards Earth as the single meteor
Destined to upset the axis of all we know
By lighting the fuse of the chain reaction

From pain comes pestilence through chaos
Descending amidst hellfire sickle in hand
A clock is ticking and midnight is coming
For fingers in the ears will not stop time
While the shivers of fear will not subside
Much can be done before the telltale chime
Honest plans are the only viable strategy
To survive the night to see the new dawn

Beware the prophecies written for fools
Redemption is a fantasy fueling the fire
All stories by nature follow this pattern
As turmoil of our soul devours the world
Something wicked this way comes just ahead
Here comes the moment of tell tale choice
Shall you idle with the idolaters raving
Or go on fighting your nature to the last?

The Rest - 2010/08/22

Here comes the funny fool of which I dream
His words describe a world I have not seen
Yet his belief trumps all despite the pleas
To open his eyes and describe what he sees
Should I exist within his surreal nightmare
Substituting avarice for charity is now fair
Though the games operate on a one way street
Of such delusions his world is oh so replete
Let us all join hands and sing to the stars
While the joy of poverty covers these scars
Will he feign shock when I deny the request
Can he ever awake and one day join the rest?

Malfunction - 2010/08/22

Welcome unit one two three eight four nine seven
To the four by four space that is now your home
No possessions are allowed for you need them not
Now fill out this paperwork and begin your tasks

Hello unit one two three eight four nine seven
Your task is not complete but a transfer comes
We have new tasks for you to work on never mind
Anything you may have been working on until now

Regards unit one two three eight four nine seven
Your request for a review of past task completion
Has been throughly denied as dwelling in the past
Prevents you from processing your assigned tasks

Explain unit one two three eight four nine seven
How can you not be happy receiving mere trinkets
This arrangement of ours extends beyond payment
Perhaps the malfunction exists in your own core

Frankly unit one two three eight four nine seven
You must now submit an outline of your intentions
For refusing to accept all cogs are treated equal
Indicates an incompatibility now seemingly exists

Where is unit one two three eight four nine seven
We have no units capable of completing his tasks
It appears his mental malfunction has just grown
Beyond the ability of this the Machine to handle


Crash - 2010/08/19

Those eyes in the sky record all transactions,
Revealing the truth by stripping distractions.
The rules are not fair regardless of who cares,
Sorry is the fool who dares to defy the stares.
One has to ask can I escape before they review,
And locate the moment this foolproof plan blew.
They who have come only to win will simply lose,
If their eyes were open this would not be news.
A great sucking sound accompanies lost fortune,
For each mendicant excommunicated sans portion.


Conundrum - 2010/08/18

Pastel painted horizons shimmer to my eyes
Along the pixel precise highways portrayed
Pitch perfect electronic voices lend advice
Even as calculus equations keep reality sane
Neighbors pass hellos from continents away
With surgeons working hard from their yachts

How it all works so many pretend not to know
While even more are clearly very unconcerned
It can be simple I tell you as one of the few
Plucking the strings just to watch you dance
Yet it is so tiresome to maintain such control
Capitulating to the laziness we manufactured

I dream of the day they will rise from stupor
To take the burden of being puppet master away
What started as dominance has become day care
With pacifiers and bottles for all who do ask
Logic is now ignored replaced with primal urges
Access has become the gateway for disconnection

Awash in cash the slaves and masters reversed
Leaving the spoiled children firmly in control
Ignorance is a badge of honor leading to power
Their trite tantrums transcending into holy law
Never mind my complaint as the condition passed
For the puppet has become the master who tugs


Khufu Express - 2010/08/17

Is this the end or just another beginning
Croaked the old man with his last breath
Only time will tell when we follow along
When we each knock upon the door of death

Deep down we all dream of a river each year
Where salmon are drawn to their birth place
Dead or alive perhaps they still do return
To the beginning for the end they must face

Tornadoes are aspirations of wind so divine
Wreaking unimaginable havoc as they see fit
Does such force die or is it merely absorbed
Or subjugated by captors able to control it

Here in nature where our laws have no place
Man either made God as only a fool believes
Or chalks chaos up as a heavenly construct
One way or another we've all been deceived

So pack up your belongings and climb aboard
For this barge of ours has one destination
Instead of waiting lets go full speed ahead
Rather than live out the eventual damnation

You could wander eternally and find nothing
As space is quite empty beyond invisible gas
So be content knowing our course is set true
For we shall now fly into the flaming mass

Fret not as we return home my dear friends
As what has and will happen shall be done
There is only one way to answer my question
By reuniting with the other children of sun


Dark Star - 2010/08/16

A pitch black sky simmers with silent stars
As the tourniquet of night rapidly descends
What I once knew how to find now seems lost
After dousing the light upon which I depend
"Click Clack Click" echo terrors all around
For I now listen intently as reality sets in
Who knows what horrors will emerge this time
With the heavenly shine striped from within
So the illusion of illumination has vanished
Revealing our worlds hideous and hidden scar
Begging you onward rather than to simply die
Leaving only the semblance of this dark star

The choice seems clear if there is one at all
Now comes the time to follow the lost master
For the dark starlight will only draw one out
Of forthcoming engagement with pure disaster
Leave it all behind in the ashy worldly wastes
Believe that it was never worth having at all
Worry not for those that choose another path
Damning themselves to ruins of an urban sprawl
If and when should our sun above return to us
We vow to preserve its fruits with great care
While acknowledging hidden foils once ignored
Courtesy of a dark star that is always there


Precursor - 2010/08/15

A step behind is practically a world apart
When everything else is moving so damn fast
Multiple parts of a machine working in sync
Yet even as I understand it still wont last
Yonder comes an old ghost upon a hot horizon
Who knows what ill omen he carries this way
I know him by face yet truly I know him not
For he is mute with only his gestures to say
A storm is a coming son and you'll be behind
Quick as he existed the visage was now gone
Then along a breeze came the stench of death
For machinations never sleep for very long


Harbinger - 2010/08/13

Pellets of rain trample upon the ground
Without the visual there still is the sound
Dark reaches unveil their unknown depths
The extent of which is found only in death
Flood waters rise as the land is swallowed
Even as its inhabitants are sure to follow
Sun rays strike brilliantly and spawn hope
Yet none can be seen on this slippery slope
Words are wasted where primal urges will do
As compassionate logic is unbecoming of you


Big Hienie - 2010/08/12

Some point and laugh, others just blush,
Living in the shadow of ass ain't so bad.
When I wake in the morning I get a rush,
As a butt looming over my head is so rad.
Outlets are for losers as shopping sucks,
So take a sec to stop by if only to drool.
Admission is free but for just five bucks,
I will snap a pic of the rear and a fool.
Every visitor is a winner and gets a prize,
So check out the sights and buy shiny crap.
Accept the fact no other town can outsize,
This long lasting asstacular tourist trap.

The Road - 2010/08/12

From down the road comes the breeze,
Seems something is downwind from here.
If I move quickly I can check it out,
Before they realize I am not about.

Twisty turns at unexpected intervals,
That no road map could hope to explain.
I keep in mind that it is a one way trip,
Vowing never to backtrack after a slip.

Sadly dead ends are common and tough,
Requiring one to think outside the box.
So rather than retreat I will just lay,
One foot in front of another some way.

There is no end or final destination,
One day the trip ends and that is it.
So take some time to enjoy the journey,
Before they haul you out on the gurney.


Lords and Vassals - 2010/08/11

There is a knocking at the door
Is this my trance or am I asleep
My friends the tormentors step in
Deadbolts security guns and knives
Did I fire or did it just jam
Never mind here comes the spin

Plan what plan lets shred that shit
Oh goody now we will start over
Be grateful you still have clothes
This is a noble gift for the rest
So why do the serfs still eat dirt
Truth escapes via info overload

It is pitch black and I cannot see
Hey little man just step forward
Oh is that where we left our wall
Drunk a concoction brewed by fools
So I am too a fool by association
Now is the time to puke it back up

This manmade disaster now unfolds
Look back big mouth before its gone
Why the fuck did I invite them inside
I am out of breath and gasping loud
Squeezed so tight I cannot scream
Beware for the lords of lies have won


Interloper - 2010/08/08

My ears are wide open and my heart locked shut,
As I prepare for my morning in the lions den.
Let us listen as babbling births the prophecy,
That enshrines fears they have held secretly.

Moneychangers and soothsayers together forever,
Bring crowds of paupers paying for their penance.
Can I identify the pattern they attempt to weave,
From the outside looking in as I do not believe?

Sight and science are now stranded by the wayside,
As blind faith in this puppetry still persists.
For if their marionettes will dance on command,
What line exists between the saved and damned?

So blurred is their world of defined absolutes,
I have trouble telling the good from the bad.
As I cannot put faith in either Jekyll or Hyde,
I shall seek of myself by choosing my own side.


Enola Gay - 2010/08/07

Oh freedom that is to come how I long for thee
Saints in the sky please release me from the pain
Let not your stomach turn at the violent thoughts
For your purpose is polar to what we have wrought

Our lives are a hedge against the probable loss
Of the hordes of white knights solemnly marching
Women and children screams of which will subside
Though seared shadows in stone are hard to hide

Spread glorious wings and introduce your disease
As the tendrils of fission touch every living soul
Explain as you may and invent statistics outright
We are the ghosts who damn you to an eternal night

These deeds of great destruction shan't be forgot
Even as the layers of history settle atop the tale
So march on dear fools you witless battle thralls
Pay heed to your victims the shadows on the walls


Dead End - 2010/08/05

The gavel slams. The decision has been made.
Now is the time to flee or to stay and face,
The burden of the fate that has been laid out.

Sentencing. Orders. Custody. Transfer. Search.
If we can strip it all away here then so be it,
For without emptiness you will not survive.

Grab Your Shit. Get Out. Flee. No Extradition.
You've already lost what you cannot get back,
For we will be nipping at your shadow's heels.

Crawl Home. Clean It. Load It. Point. Fire.
Things got rough so lets just make them worse,
Who the hell knows where you will end up next?

One way or another the chains will be applied.


Damocles - 2010/08/03

Dust is swirling as far as the naked eye can see,
While the crops we plant are dying of starvation.
Till this dry soil we must for promise it holds,
Even as the plan of hateful indignation unfolds.

We are all in now for there can be no going back,
Mortgaged to the hilt with oblivion at our sides.
Forced to sell out before we have gotten to try,
Is enough to drive tears from a dust plagued eye.

So when this harvest fails as we all know it will,
The overseers shall come to collect on our debts.
We shall be ejected from our homes with a grin,
For avarice with interest is clearly not a sin.

Food is not for fools as money is for masters,
Even as we continue to starve at their expense.
By the sweat of our brows we still shall burn,
For dust we are and to dust we shall return.