An Affliction of Addiction for Attention - 2010/05/20

I can see you shrouded in darkness stranded all alone,
Praying that your tin god will just pick up the phone.
Your screaming shatters my ears as you drive us away,
By telling a fable designed to draw attention your way.
Your actions just incite fits of uncontrollable rage,
Even as we resolve to leave you back on the first page.

I marvel at how persistent your delusion seems to be,
A bit of truth and fantasy of which you cannot be free.
I weep for the loss coming in the near future you see,
For I have no doubt that your blame will lay with me.
Yet it is a burden that I am willing to wholly accept,
As our lives will be free of your miserable contempt.

Step into my ring and let us duel this one last time,
Guilt will be your weapon and this rhyme will be mine.
Break out the god damned gospel and let it just scream,
As I prove that I will not lured by that fitful dream.
Let eternity wither and die as we counter each attack,
For with this step forward there is just no going back.

Alas winning is to losing as fighting is to surrender,
So we shall fore go the role of harrier and defender.
Now I will mourn the loss of the half of you I adore,
While gutting the memories of the other that I abhor.
As cutting the cord is the only escape I can mention,
From your hateful affliction of addiction for attention.

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