Art; Part II - 2010/03/21

Technology has given rise to new power unchecked,
So the masters that now wield it lack the respect.
Like random fractals dancing about on the screen,
So many claim to preach what right and wrong mean.
Yet the rule of law cannot bind the hatred of man,
And basic human nature shall conquer any such plan.
In their worlds of black and white they cannot tell,
What is it like to exist in this pastel coated hell.
The colors I see are the blood oozing from the walls,
As I seek to plug my ears to drown out the cat calls.
Although I tend to forget the great cycle turning,
Even as the forest around me seems to be burning.
And zoomed out there is not all that much to see,
For but a paltry moment in which we happen to be.
Despite this perspective, I continue to be engaged,
Though this brush I now wield is no longer enraged.
It speaks with vigor, upheld by prophecy to pass,
A poison otherwise ignored, yet still in my glass.
So let's give toast to our supremacy with cute quips,
So I can observe as doom foretold meets your lips.

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