Big Mouth - 2010/07/27

Here is a secret I want you to keep to yourself,
Lock it in your vault, hide the key on your shelf.
This tidbit is labeled though it does not exist,
While the only ones who know are marked on a list.

Okay you kept it secure for that was just a test,
That secret was nonsense told merely in cute jest.
So here are a few thousand more we want to hide,
In you little analyst we have chosen to confide.

Oh shit it seems that some dirty foreigner knows,
So precious confidant tell us did you share those?
We will find out so mark these angry bitter words,
The corpse of big mouth will be left for the birds.

Never mind suspect it seems the people do not care,
As these secrets only confirm what was out there.
For secrets mean little against willful ignorance,
And bashful little lemmings are rarely a hindrance.

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