Brilliance - 2010/06/03

Paradise embodied is simply hell with no outlet,
Rolling waves flank spotless skies sans regret.
Living a blissful dream with a world so erratic,
Is the kind of disconnect that leads to static.
Half drunk and stoned can one really be alive,
With penultimate pleasure for which they strive.
The only step left is the one that moves along,
A miserable existence with no reason to prolong.

Just join the endless line of dreamers outside,
If the fools are lucky they will not get inside.
For a purpose provides the conviction to breathe,
Whether it be ambition love or hatred you seethe.
And even if it comes from pure mechanical desire,
It will provide the fuel for life's raging fire.
So do not despair if your entrance here is denied,
As all the so-called champions have already died.

Denounce the false prophets only promising a way,
To squander your resolve or just keep it at bay.
Ignore their bliss because existence is a spark,
A quaint microcosm where you can leave your mark.
But chances are scant so apply right here today,
And for three easy payments I will show the way.
Act now for seats in the auditorium are limited,
Keeping in mind flash photography is prohibited.

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