Canary - 2010/05/09

Little canary in the cage, how ornate you appear to me,
I cannot express how well you blend in with what I see.
As part of the scenery we request that you make no noise,
For that might ruin the crafted illusion of lovely poise.

Little canary in the cage, it seems you wish to scream,
Such an ear piercing rattle might reveal that not seen.
Your life is a series of puzzle pieces forming a trap,
One wrong move and its trigger might activate and snap.

Little canary in the cage, I know you tried to fly away,
I wept for life without you would be night without day.
So fuck the scenery, I have decided to set it all ablaze,
For your happiness there is an entire world I would raze.

Little canary in the cage, I only offer my sincere hope,
That you will find what you need and return to this dope.
Cry all you'd like for I am only too content to attend,
Loving, leading and learning as I yearn to help mend.

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