Carpe Diem - 2010/06/28

Time is an illusion with a perception all too real,
So come join a celebration indulging what we feel.
Moments of brilliance spiral out with the strobes,
Of no real concern as the drunken dancers disrobe.
Static intoxication crackles through the warm air,
We who are insulated from it all as we do not care.
Plan be damned this bash will rage on for all time,
Or until the poet of pestilence runs out of rhyme.
Follow along with the catalysts cheering on stage,
Before the details begin to fade in the misty haze.
Toke up my friends and let your mind free to flow,
As you screw without conscience and snort some blow.
Now take some shots if you yearn for a second wind,
For the time of your life as it all begins to spin.
Never mind the harsh alerts and smoke wafting about,
The party shall continue eternally without a doubt.
If you can hear the sirens howl as loud as you can,
Save your last breath for a hearty, "Fuck You Man"
Living Dying Dead don't you know it is all the same,
Last one dancing and first one saved rations blame.
Though we should consider nobody is coming to save,
Those transcended into ash at the "Carpe Diem" rave.

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