Chaotic Blocks - 2010/03/14

Before you is the wall that I built.
Beyond it is the blood I have spilled.
It was designed without heed for form.
Though it functions to enclose the storm.
Whatever is beyond still remains trapped.
Though it's strength has not been sapped.

How desperately I claw, looking to undo,
This fortification that I only now rue.
And while it seemed to protect me long ago,
I know it is time to let the blood flow.
Like a plug for a leak, a drought in the rain,
The monster inside feels a new kind of pain.

Block by block, the removal occurs.
You poor people know not what stirs.
An awakening of sorts begins today.
Let this tear down light the way.
Pick up anything you can see around.
Together we can smash it to the ground.

Imprisoned and forgotten by all now dead,
The horizon I've painted runs scarlet red.
Freedom has come and my power has not waned,
As it has been proven it cannot be contained.
Separate we are blocks of chaos with no form,
Together we now can take this world by storm.

See that which is beyond, yet is now out.
Two halves together have formed a new whole,
Different from each other but not without.
A power of a new kind is what I now wield.
And if it is a vendetta you wish to pursue,
Then we will erect a new wall in this field.

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