Conundrum - 2010/08/18

Pastel painted horizons shimmer to my eyes
Along the pixel precise highways portrayed
Pitch perfect electronic voices lend advice
Even as calculus equations keep reality sane
Neighbors pass hellos from continents away
With surgeons working hard from their yachts

How it all works so many pretend not to know
While even more are clearly very unconcerned
It can be simple I tell you as one of the few
Plucking the strings just to watch you dance
Yet it is so tiresome to maintain such control
Capitulating to the laziness we manufactured

I dream of the day they will rise from stupor
To take the burden of being puppet master away
What started as dominance has become day care
With pacifiers and bottles for all who do ask
Logic is now ignored replaced with primal urges
Access has become the gateway for disconnection

Awash in cash the slaves and masters reversed
Leaving the spoiled children firmly in control
Ignorance is a badge of honor leading to power
Their trite tantrums transcending into holy law
Never mind my complaint as the condition passed
For the puppet has become the master who tugs

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