A Dark Intermission - 2010/03/23

The horizon ahead seems clean; just a few trees,
Yet no one truly knows what a desperate man sees.
Rising from the mounds of dead long ago forgotten,
Comes a tower, the foundation of which is rotten.
Fear fills it's base and floods the clearing about,
For it is here you can tell the weak from the stout.
We dared not risk crossing the threshold inside,
Knowing that it is with the light that we did hide.
Only in a dream unlived, do I dare to venture alone,
Into the darkness inside in which I must now atone.
Sins and success alike, are shamed in a ray of truth,
Only to be challenged after wards for a bit of proof.
A vision fills my eyes, a dream unknown to the rest,
A fiery spark filling the rest of my life with zest.
Nobody knows this deep and dark hope that I groom,
I would become one with the tower that spells my doom.
Ask me why if you will, there is no longer a reason,
For every moment of existence is part of the season.
One day I shall depart, a single destination in mind,
And within that dark tower, my remains you shall find.

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