Dark Star - 2010/08/16

A pitch black sky simmers with silent stars
As the tourniquet of night rapidly descends
What I once knew how to find now seems lost
After dousing the light upon which I depend
"Click Clack Click" echo terrors all around
For I now listen intently as reality sets in
Who knows what horrors will emerge this time
With the heavenly shine striped from within
So the illusion of illumination has vanished
Revealing our worlds hideous and hidden scar
Begging you onward rather than to simply die
Leaving only the semblance of this dark star

The choice seems clear if there is one at all
Now comes the time to follow the lost master
For the dark starlight will only draw one out
Of forthcoming engagement with pure disaster
Leave it all behind in the ashy worldly wastes
Believe that it was never worth having at all
Worry not for those that choose another path
Damning themselves to ruins of an urban sprawl
If and when should our sun above return to us
We vow to preserve its fruits with great care
While acknowledging hidden foils once ignored
Courtesy of a dark star that is always there

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