Darkly Dawn - 2010/07/26

The sun will soon rise on the distant horizon,
Illuminating decaying remains we have not seen.
Yet for now darkness prevails and is steadfast,
While architects prepare for the imminent blast.

A kingdom of perma-shade with justice for all,
Yet without the light we cannot read the vows.
So swear on my friends for retribution is lost,
Snatch away regardless of what it seems to cost.

The first rays of hope shine bright like flame,
Vaporizing those left behind to bear the brunt.
This ambiance will then outlay the twisty path,
Leading to annihilation by virtue of our wrath.

Consider for a moment that the will was absent,
To act upon the waste as the opportunity passes.
Weep for the phoenix is just smoldering still,
While architects devise the next costly thrill.

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