Debasement Discounted - 2010/04/18

This tree in the forest a great edifice that I found,
On some ordinary day suddenly tumbled to the ground.
Splinters and branches now lie all scattered about,
The innards exposed even as it once stood so stout.
Oh what sort of tragedy could without warning befell,
A great behemoth of the forest once alive and well.
Though one might expect the melancholy to overtake,
We yearned to find the truth given what was at stake.
Frantically we searched exploring the area around,
Yet if there was a culprit it dared not make a sound.
Then as the sunlight of the day slowly began to wane,
A revelation came into being that laid it out plain.
For this companion of ours the tree on the floor,
Had for years been rotting all the way to the core.
Even as we sat enjoying the vacation from the sun,
It was a dormant husk as its course had been run.
Taken aback with the pleasure found in the moment,
The truth had simply left us begging for atonement.
This course of mortality could it have been changed,
By open eyes could consequences have been arranged?
Alas clockwork of the forest moves forward not back,
And distinct application does this lesson now lack.
A lesson learned, a moral victory without the merit,
If with our children we are unwilling to share it.

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