Derelict Discord - 2010/08/22

A violent supernova is snuffing out stars
Even as we sit idly by hoping to elude it
Steel boots are marching from door to door
As we sit in hovels hoping to see tomorrow
This force of nature so human at the core
Hurtles towards Earth as the single meteor
Destined to upset the axis of all we know
By lighting the fuse of the chain reaction

From pain comes pestilence through chaos
Descending amidst hellfire sickle in hand
A clock is ticking and midnight is coming
For fingers in the ears will not stop time
While the shivers of fear will not subside
Much can be done before the telltale chime
Honest plans are the only viable strategy
To survive the night to see the new dawn

Beware the prophecies written for fools
Redemption is a fantasy fueling the fire
All stories by nature follow this pattern
As turmoil of our soul devours the world
Something wicked this way comes just ahead
Here comes the moment of tell tale choice
Shall you idle with the idolaters raving
Or go on fighting your nature to the last?

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