Enola Gay - 2010/08/07

Oh freedom that is to come how I long for thee
Saints in the sky please release me from the pain
Let not your stomach turn at the violent thoughts
For your purpose is polar to what we have wrought

Our lives are a hedge against the probable loss
Of the hordes of white knights solemnly marching
Women and children screams of which will subside
Though seared shadows in stone are hard to hide

Spread glorious wings and introduce your disease
As the tendrils of fission touch every living soul
Explain as you may and invent statistics outright
We are the ghosts who damn you to an eternal night

These deeds of great destruction shan't be forgot
Even as the layers of history settle atop the tale
So march on dear fools you witless battle thralls
Pay heed to your victims the shadows on the walls

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