Flight of the Fool - 2010/05/13

Set course for the future and make the heading direct,
Disregard the world around you precious little insect.
Buzz about raging against forces quite uncontrolled,
Knowing others have failed ignoring what you were told.
Alas the signs are directing you down an alternate path,
The craft you are flying is not powered solely by wrath.
With eyes of fury ablaze you take off still unprepared,
The consequences of carelessness are cruel if you care.

Die Interloper comes the scream of the charge up above,
Showing you have forgotten the cause and lost the love.
Shall you grapple your targets and pluck out their eyes,
Or drain their black blood using it to coat the skies?
And once they lay murdered will your rage now subside,
Or will only more sacrifice fill the emptiness inside?
What clever destruction ensues as you refuse to face,
The taint of a tragedy you still deny with all haste.

Yet face it you must in any event that I can conceive,
For reality flies in the face of what you do believe.
So when your crusade is complete and you return home,
Will it remain preserved or smoldering as would Rome?
If the very prize will be lost for which you fought,
What was the goal of the destruction you have wrought?
These thoughts and questions are giving me the sight,
To remain grounded and refrain from joining the flight.

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