Indomitable - 2010/07/13

Armed with immortal words floating by my head,
I shall stand fast before all onslaughts hence.
While the faults shudder and the earth cracks,
I will staunchly resist division as is my right.
Inside my stony adobe a love yearns for release,
I shall remain strong as its outreach is denied.
Outside a violent battle threatens to engulf all,
I shall rise above and refuse to bear any arms.
Fraught with the tragedy that weighs on my soul,
I shall keep a clear head with rational thought.
Damned for asking fair questions of either side,
I will not burn what others dare me to set ablaze.
Blood that is spilled yet is neither of or by me,
I shall mourn the loss and attempt to reconcile.
Though devious puzzles and confusion are around,
I shall distract with pursuits of a higher order.
Regardless of what trials face us in times ahead,
I shall honor my namesake striving to ameliorate.

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