Instigator - 2010/08/26

My viewers I have news severe
That is painful to even hear
The masses now rise to revolt
Time to polish off that colt
For they seek to usurp honor
From this country what a goner
God as my witness let us fight
Crushing them with our might

Take the children away dear
For I will hold them back
It is your job to watch over
What I sacrifice myself for
Unwashed masses now marching
Surely are coming to destroy
All that is right and is pure
This I've been told and more

Ha ha ha here we come masta
Just to eat their red hearts
After killing your children
Corruption was just step one
Simple angry hearts marching
Striking out at their betters
For no reason except our hate
Watching you bleed is so fun

My viewers this week I say
A new threat has risen today

My family I react to my fear
For reasons not quite clear

I was just minding my own business,
What the hell is wrong with you people?

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