Interwoven Entanglements - 2010/04/03

A shadow in the darkness, I still cry out to you,
You will not hear, though it is my voice you rue,
My words are fair and bring no judgment to bear,
Even though guilt and punishment make quite a pair.
Hearsay be damned, the circumstances are the same,
Except perhaps you now know the stakes of this game.
If hurt is a glass, you can never fill it with pain,
To drink is deadly, leaving only the will to abstain.
Poison on the platter, starvation in the other hand,
The waters in this flood now seek to engulf the land,
And yet here we are awaiting your return with hope,
But alone with this particular dilemma you must cope.
So make your peace with the past, forge the sunrise,
Turn down the wealth of your world, a vast surprise,
Seek peace in the dark corners where it does hide,
Making peace with yourself no matter what you decide.

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