Khufu Express - 2010/08/17

Is this the end or just another beginning
Croaked the old man with his last breath
Only time will tell when we follow along
When we each knock upon the door of death

Deep down we all dream of a river each year
Where salmon are drawn to their birth place
Dead or alive perhaps they still do return
To the beginning for the end they must face

Tornadoes are aspirations of wind so divine
Wreaking unimaginable havoc as they see fit
Does such force die or is it merely absorbed
Or subjugated by captors able to control it

Here in nature where our laws have no place
Man either made God as only a fool believes
Or chalks chaos up as a heavenly construct
One way or another we've all been deceived

So pack up your belongings and climb aboard
For this barge of ours has one destination
Instead of waiting lets go full speed ahead
Rather than live out the eventual damnation

You could wander eternally and find nothing
As space is quite empty beyond invisible gas
So be content knowing our course is set true
For we shall now fly into the flaming mass

Fret not as we return home my dear friends
As what has and will happen shall be done
There is only one way to answer my question
By reuniting with the other children of sun

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