Lords and Vassals - 2010/08/11

There is a knocking at the door
Is this my trance or am I asleep
My friends the tormentors step in
Deadbolts security guns and knives
Did I fire or did it just jam
Never mind here comes the spin

Plan what plan lets shred that shit
Oh goody now we will start over
Be grateful you still have clothes
This is a noble gift for the rest
So why do the serfs still eat dirt
Truth escapes via info overload

It is pitch black and I cannot see
Hey little man just step forward
Oh is that where we left our wall
Drunk a concoction brewed by fools
So I am too a fool by association
Now is the time to puke it back up

This manmade disaster now unfolds
Look back big mouth before its gone
Why the fuck did I invite them inside
I am out of breath and gasping loud
Squeezed so tight I cannot scream
Beware for the lords of lies have won

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