Lucid Locusts - 2010/07/14

The noisy little pest nipping at my heels,
Is silenced with a deft move of my foot.
For a time there is silence yet no peace,
As where there is one there must be more.
This dream within a dream where I reside,
Will not manifest within their presence.
So when two appear to check on the ghost,
I simply order each to devour the other.
Pleasure drawn from power I have abused,
Reignites my senses as they work to obey.
Suddenly through a twist of fate it ends,
With one then two falling back to think.
Then with that slip the horde is upon me,
Angry and threatening to destroy it all.
I would scream if I were not now choking,
As they force themselves down my throat.
My eyes I refuse to open so I cannot see,
Those pawns uniting while divided I fall.

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