Midnight in the Mine - 2010/07/30

A silhouette cowers inside this pitch black space,
This creature living in fear yet he too has a face.
In the shroud of the night all sights remain unseen,
As cries of abominations defy the theory of a dream.
With no way out the only option is to go further in,
Wishfully praying he doesn't go where they have been.
Weep dear friends as there is no path of escape set,
As he carves the earth promising to repay the debt.

Escape is a whimsical delusion as he crawls deeper,
Quite careful to elude the slimes and the creepers.
Yet how deep can one go before the bottom is hit?
How far can he proceed on a path that is not lit?
Ever deeper he digs even as his tools just break,
Until his hands uncover a vast subterranean lake.
Light springs forth for water is not here flowing,
This lake is filled with lava silent and glowing.

The deadly formation harbors many different prizes,
Namely the gold deposits of all shapes and sizes.
Diamonds flung about like a child's cast off toys,
Compliment the iron and coal that bring great joy.
Suitably equipped his passions give birth to plans,
As he forges tools of creation with his bare hands.
So from earth's depths his return trip now begins,
For each dawn he lives to see is yet another win.

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