Mindful Entropy - 2010/07/25

The glass recoils as I reach out with my hand,
While staring intently at my reflection again.
Why does he grin so mischievously as I enforce,
Calculated choices following my preset course?

The frame hums as my lips attempt to explain,
How I have attended to his egotistical concerns.
When shall he open his ears and listen if ever,
Or shall his defiance reveal something clever?

The visage becomes distorted as my mind subdues,
The emotional response that threatens it all.
Who cares what terror I have imprisoned within,
If those choices have never ever truly been?

The mirror shatters as my heart takes control,
Allowing that once imprisoned to fly free again.
What shall become of these reborn joined as one,
Will he accept this fate or has he been undone?

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