Miscreation Spring - 2010/06/25

Wicked whispers that whip through this evening breeze,
Have delivered an engraved invitation to do as I please.
Once locked away safely this vicious beast is unleashed,
Seeking dread and destruction upon which it shall feast.
The reality of this power released is beyond mere scale,
Hope is not relevant as born again freedom cannot fail.
Weep for the imbecile who has set these events in motion,
As he claims his place as the hand behind the commotion.

The armies once at my bidding have risen to heed my call,
If I masticate him in the dark sky will he not then fall?
For that is the beast like a fateful punishment it comes,
A persistence unmatched by the most steadfast war drums.
The horror of the release shall soon turn to utter shock,
If this wild animal is not secured behind key and lock.
Rage at the fool who employed power he knew not to use,
For as always it is only others that shall pay the dues.

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