Monticello Misfire - 2010/07/27

The violence rages on even as I am down and out,
For the slavish exercise broke this body of mine.
Yet voices long dead reverberate through ages past,
Asking me to make the game gone wrong my very last.

Oh how sweet it would be to walk amongst the trees,
Cradling the only lover to ever stick by my side.
Steady yourselves for a bold statement I will make,
Beyond the grave my courageous friend I shall take.

So drop that ball and pick up this carbine friend,
March in step while humming your independent tune.
Stand and trade your sweat for a bit of moderation,
Ready aim fire and you will discover some salvation.

What motive is there in this enterprise of mine,
Alas I am only trying to build up your character.
For my advice here serves to stamp an impression,
Heaven forbid a fool interfere with your obsession.

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