Penitent Purgatory - 2010/06/02

Stand down countrymen and lay down your arms,
The battle here is over and we are to disarm.
Your families are waiting as surely they miss,
Moments you shared prior to the start of this.
Pray tell why is it that all of you now ask,
What victory came from this protracted task?
Your orders are issued so you must now depart,
Forgetting the pain weighing upon your heart.
Hear me when I say to reason too much so long,
Shall not ease your pain nor right any wrong.
Your trust in your masters was not misplaced,
It is just the enemy that has left it defaced.
Provocation is a matter of technical debate,
When defending against their gesture of hate.
How dare you doubt the road on which we lead,
As you ignore the advice we asked you to heed.
You all are traitors to your country most dear,
For the crime of letting humanity replace fear.

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