Synergistic Prophecy - 2010/04/13

Tick tock moans the forgotten grandfather clock,
Driving towards a future the laymen still mock.
Children of the martyrs your fathers be damned,
Your pain will be swept away by blood of lamb.
Visions of a savior amongst destruction to be,
Creating a vicious cycle believers cannot see.
All in the name of unity and upper moral ground,
Dogma that will crumble on its own without sound.
How can this be that these many footmen now arise,
If a prophecy written in blood is the only prize?

Only a traitor dares to judge will of the state,
Fair trial be damned this we will not tolerate.
Lips may move but as long as no ideas emerge,
In unlimited freedom our subjects may splurge.
For the holy cause we proceed no matter how daft,
Ignoring the tidal waves that threaten our craft.
The ship may be sinking but we are all still here,
Alas the rats are too addicted to flee out of fear.
So look about quickly to either side of your space,
Enjoy the preview of the fate you will soon face.

Those on the high ground the overflow comes to you,
The lack of air to breathe will bring you down too.
Hark to those above soaring through use of flight,
No amount of superiority can conquer this might.
Escape you may seek but escape you will not find,
You eyes shall be consumed by those who were blind.
For the ultimate doom will rise up from deep below,
A final reminder of the responsibility you stowed.
So how can it be that we choose to outright ignore,
The consequence fate has shown is surely in store?

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