Vexing Way - 2010/04/25

On this night I shall soon settle down to slumber,
Yet another opportunity to venture into the unknown.
Will the grasp of my mind hold firm or shall I avoid,
Awakening in a sweat wishing only that I was alone.
And if hellions buried with my psyche choose to wake,
Can there still be time after dawn to sit and atone?

How I hope debauchery does not reveal something deep,
An inner truth that I claim outwardly not to believe.
For when I awake will I find myself now rearranged,
A stranger with unfamiliar thread forced to reweave.
For if mental tormentors roam slaying without care,
Come daylight what reality will I choose to perceive?

Or perhaps I will just peacefully float in the void,
Allowed to rest easy while horrors are kept at bay.
Until the sunrise when my devices will ruefully wake,
Causing me to scramble about in a vain effort to stay.
The only question remaining is one I should not ask,
Is there a way to cross from void to the vexing way?

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