Vitriolic Veracity - 2010/07/31

Forces flow against these forces locked inside,
Causing the pressure to increase beyond design.
Triumph rings loud and clear via trumpets about,
As the cries of victory emanate from the devout.

Victory redefined is here but at terrible cost,
For the lemmings below are now all but slain.
Not realizing the final act is still abreast,
And their will to survive will be put to test.

As sweet Pandora with her box open it she must,
If only to set loose the demonic terrors inside.
For only via disgust of the truth can they rise,
As they rise from ashes with flames in the eyes.

So if only to save this destruction is but fate,
Value not what I have but what they would take.
For symmetry of being shall never be achieved,
If tenants of greed and hate are still believed.

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