Volition - 2010/08/27

Would be wily wizards weave their webs
Via prescribed incantations and rites
Any utterance or twitch bears meaning
Allowing one fluke to flummox the mix
The recipes and rituals flow together
Melding together in pursuit of effect
Without wise mind so rises the danger
Of the unknown contaminating it direct

Would be warriors just slew the wizards
With no regard for the dire consequences
Hung long in gallows for public viewing
Their knowledge and power wafting away
As their spells remained so incomplete
Every breath and itch spells their doom
The mixture unknown is now chaos divine
A reckoning woven on the invisible loom

Would be masters of the universe failed
To adopt a strategy that could recognize
The danger in toying with a volatile mix
Is that the complex system could crumble
If pattern of the world is torn asunder
Birthed of choice that bore no warning
Shall the remainder rebuild their lives
Or waste their divine spark by mourning?

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