Xeroderma Pigmentosum - 2010/04/07

Such words of zeal, cutting into flesh all about,
Whatever form they take, they are easy to ignore.
Words strung together make for a simple serenade,
In a vacuum, it's hard to know what they are for.
Sentences laid side by side form a line of thought,
Ears around perk up as the threat begins to form.
The thoughts lead from one conclusion to the next,
Then without warning an idea emerges from the storm.
Scramble heathens, for a rock under which to hide,
The world is moving along regardless of agreement.
Watch as they band together, united in their fear,
Slowing the wheels of progress with their cement.
What forlorn fools as they just cannot understand,
An idea only has a single weakness, a better one.
So dear world rage on into the dying of the light,
Your eclipse will only give way to a brighter sun.

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