Compulsions - 2010/09/30

The man in black fled across the desert
So laughing as I was compelled to follow
With six shooters criss crossing my hips
An edict for his death travels by my lips
He brings destruction even while I track
Working to fill an empty glass with wrath
Weed eaters drinkers and whores ensnared
Within this a chasm of virtue we shared
So flee dear sir for I come intending to
Reoccupy it with vast quantities of lead
Never caring that obtaining such control
Bit by bit enslaved more of my very soul
Circle the tower ascending spiral stairs
Dear childe have you any idea what comes
Forces above logic dictated and designed
The cycle of futility I have now divined
So I have laid down my guns and forgiven
Would be harriers stalking in my shadows
For new cards must be drawn for my fate
Having now left behind the fear and hate
Weaponless and without worry I gaze back
Content there was not a choice to be had
A man still flees across sun baked sands
Notably now without my blood on his hands


Hell Hath No Fury - 2010/09/29

I once knew a woman so timid and quiet
No acquainted soul would ever deny it
She shared ideas sometimes very smart
Acting calm when they were torn apart
She bent over backwards no matter what
Ever smiling even from within the rut
So please just imagine the deep shock
The day an asshole shot off his block
And she once restrained lost control
Going into overdrive on an angry roll
I tell you friends I do feel relieved
She was not packing while that peeved
Somewhere in the rant she said Ya all
Down an elevator shaft he should fall
Unleashing expletives she turned about
Leaving observers here without a doubt
If you push her and she starts to tire
She'll burn you down in righteous fire


My Request - 2010/09/28

Cruising the street early in the day
Battling traffic looking for the way
Trying to avoid doing anything rash
Like murdering those trying to crash
Hello imbeciles be glad Im not armed
As that is why you havent been harmed
Drop the cell phone and pay attention
Always texting hurts memory retention
Dear fools randomly jerking the wheel
Discipline your spoiled kids and deal
Forget the distractions and just drive
Sparing your family my one finger jive
Cut me off and I will scream and rant
Stay between the lines not at a slant
Lazy fool please turn on your blinker
My foot up your ass is a real stinker
Please dont make me pass on the right
Or my angry face will hover all night
If you want to raise my murderous urge
Go slow on the highway trying to merge
If you are lost just get outta my way
Cause I'm a psycho and my name is Jay
Rear end me and Ill maintain control
Try to pray for us and Im gonna blow
So I shall end with a simple request
Learn to drive its just for the best


Homogenization - 2010/09/27

Within this my darkly looking glass
Truth fades when my denial outlasts
The road which history has followed
For only our triumphs stay hallowed
Dense dismal fog obscures the trail
Tread by fools wishing without fail
Victory is an end sans any beginning
With no loss to be had only winning
So chant on while repeating actions
That divide the world into factions
Ignore sins to which you are driven
Forget the hurt for he has forgiven
This license to hate and breed fear
Parables lost your mandate is clear
The bogeyman of this day is working
Breeding unknown evil while lurking
Round them up and now ship them out
Spread vile lies and clear up doubt
Fuck a world we rule with our fists
By outlawing differences that exist
Welcome to this our brave new world
The pristine order we have unfurled
You can die alone or join this herd
And work forever to spread the word

Evanescence - 2010/09/26

Air of vengeance scorches my lungs
With nary a breeze to ease the pain
Vultures caw from the heights above
Mocking the desire for endless rain
There is naught in the vast nowhere
Awake with dreams of the other side
Dying of thirst I just cannot care
Real or unreal why should I decide
Skin once smooth now scaly and dry
Prune lips just scabs to be picked
A throat so dusty there is no sigh
An oasis gone for Ive been tricked
So circumstances left me wandering
Back to the green home I once knew
Climate changes got me floundering
Ready to journey for something new
Instead here I lay the sun beating
Lizards pleading in tongues I know
That what I seek is merely fleeting
As vultures circling will soon show


Manifesto - 2010/09/25

Beware weary ones so very literal
Meaning here is far more visceral
Why do you package and ship it out
With no idea what it is all about
Repeating findings for all to hear
Even as the truth is not so clear
Forewarned you all are here today
Curious unknowns are here to stay
Clarity of thought is not my goal
Alas these words have taken a toll
Left explaining pieces unexplained
Resulting in loss that has drained
Yet I will account fully to myself
Refusing to quit in part for wealth
I know soulless men are rich indeed
All they want and nothing they need
So here I sit ready with the words
Wasted though they are on the birds

Mockery - 2010/09/25

Jester of the court please approach
To testify now on matters of import
Jokingly treat us as powerful fools
Smiling while we struggle to retort
Foolish funny man how dare you mock
This institution all should worship
Our very power demands your respect
For we asked you to take this trip
Jester answer questions when asked
Do not point out this is all waste
Your insight is why we have tasked
You to be here regardless of taste
Mr Jester we now want you to leave
For you have consumed our endurance
Because of you no one does believe
In our most holy absolute assurance


Seven Day Storm - 2010/09/23

With terrible precision it approaches
Soon becoming a whisper on the breeze
Providing no warning as it encroaches
Reshaping all while ignoring our pleas
The eyes of the curious are entrapped
In boundaries defied by my mere words
Leaving foolish mouths left to contend
With the anger of the now riled herds
The gavel of the judge finds an excuse
To forget justice while upholding fear
Showing an impertinent child the noose
Redefining battlefields once so clear
Separate they cry out and yet together
For their quandary is one and the same
What drives the storm they now weather
This force of change they cannot tame


Catalyst - 2010/09/21

Tossing and turning from frozen depths
In dark unknown reaches of deep space
Moving at a speed unimaginable to most
All so inconsequential beyond its pace
What is this object hurtling unnoticed
Passing scores of supernovas from afar
Existing only to blaze this very trail
A harbinger for the birth of dead stars
In a realm of nothing it brings beauty
Even as it works to suck the life dry
Acting as the tiny spark for the blaze
You will not escape though you may try
Forces behind I will not be describing
The intention here is to simply ignite
Fuses wired to the core ready to blow
A gift from the catalyst now in flight


Obtuse - 2010/09/21

Toy soldiers at attention in formation
Shall await their orders there forever
Their rifles polished live with rounds
It is a matter of when not of whether
Puppet master above tugging on strings
Overzealous eyes so striving to create
Blueprints drawn up for empires raised
Feasting for power shall never satiate
Observers now cheer and jeer each side
Irrespective of the price they will pay
Adoring the game even while they suffer
Their tomorrow is dying a bit each day
Each point together forms the triangle
With no right angles of which to speak
Each ever looking to one and forgetting
The third spares no mercy for the weak


Vacant Vessel - 2010/09/19

Hannibal friend what are you cooking
Whatever it is I want to have a bite
Oh I wont steal as I am only looking
But whatever it is smells of delight
Hannibal pal where now are you hiding
You stove is on and cooking this stew
Come on back for I am still deciding
Whether to sneak a taste of your brew
Hannibal sir you appear to be missing
Well I guess a sip isnt going to hurt
Hope you dont notice or Ill be wishing
That you my friend were not so alert
Hannibal I now appear to have located
You simmering in the pot on the stove
What kind of foreign insanity created
That from which your madness throve
Hannibal you started from the inside
In time you then worked your way out
Feeding the disease by cutting inside
Proving your insanity beyond a doubt
Hannibal my friend how could I miss
What in hindsight appear to be signs
Of the monster that was in our midst
With a dark soul upon which it dined
Hannibal bastard how did you survive
Feasting on your vessel full of life
What excuses did I a friend contrive
To turn my blind eye on your strife


Grin - 2010/09/19

Damn these grins cluttering my vision
Plastered to the faces of their hosts
From merrily dancing fools set on fire
To the soulless dead and wailing ghosts
They grin everywhere for torments sake
Their other intentions remain unknown
Even as their laughter reveals a fate
The last dying scream of a poor drone
Misused for misdirection then to hide
Ideas sans purpose used solely to mock
Always searching and working to deride
The few left racing against the clock
When these circumstances one day shift
They shall confront it with their spin
Forcing reality to slap them heartily
In a vain hope it will remove the grin


Under Influenced - 2010/09/18

Dancing nancies sprint about in the air
Wisps of their imagination intoxicating
Handmaidens stare without a single care
As kings and queens break from feasting
Magicians work to duplicate the effects
While court jesters halt oh so confused
Skeptics abound examine all for defects
The poets cease their work a bit amused
What is this that procreates in the air
Enthralling hordes so curiously amassed
Alas that realization shall not be fair
As this type of indulgence rarely lasts


Cupboards - 2010/09/17

The cupboards abandoned are thrown open
Their contents unimportant and forgotten
Even while their home descends into ruin
All here are the same broken and rotten
Termites and cockroaches long since left
For they found no welcome there anymore
Slow is the ship of fools idling outside
There is no plunder much less any whores
Come one come all heres a map to direct
Those wishing there was something to see
Stay if you will but take delicate heed
Of the danger lurking in this mental sea
Great storms are mere optical illusions
Destructive tidal waves are just a joke
From the eyes of another into my hands
Comes both a smile and tears that choke
Truth is a riddle so if you must follow
Defend yourself appropriately to survive
Interpretation is the goal so do remember
Messages deciphered you yourself derived


Soap - 2010/09/16

Metal in my mouth and gun in my hand
Time is pulling on the final strand
Imprisoned up on high left for dead
By the intruder meddling in my head
Is she on her way and did he summon
Truth from which I have been running
Incapacitated yet entirely in control
With our insanity now taking its toll
My hand is his the gun belongs to me
Yet I just pulled the trigger you see
For the time has come to forever quell
Machinations driving the world to hell


Exceptions - 2010/09/15

Rules are rules for we are the same
What a deliciously intriguing game
You will conform or else be removed
Apparently rules cannot be improved
Do not mock for all must play along
Despite the fact you are very wrong
Stop for my patience is wearing thin
Have you ever tired of your own spin
There is no individual treatment here
Yet it is my difference that you fear
I repeat all here are handled equally
I can disprove that claim very easily
Those examples involve another group
Separate but equal is that the scoop
The rest involve exceptions we granted
So then why have you not just recanted
Because all here are equal as brothers
Except some are more equal than others


Please Perish - 2010/09/14

A penny for your thoughts please
Regret to inform it costs a nickel
Can I lock it in with some credit
Make up numbers we wont check it
So what insight will you offer us
Let me tell you about our options
Will you just spare me that crock
No the base model is not in stock
Cant I purchase just what I need
You could if it was what we sold
What if I leave and refuse to buy
Well without our item you will die
Maybe a discount as I cant afford
Afraid not our children must eat
My kids could lose their father
If you are poor why even bother?


Autopsy - 2010/09/13

Study students this weary old guide
You will find his head in his hands
His voice has no strength remaining
Wasted on dogs without will to hear
Over that hill there lies your doom
They mindlessly went to investigate
Past the dark door rages an inferno
They opened it if only to instigate
The fateful forces he dared describe
Danced on the backs of the sad fools
Yet time and time again they ignored
His considerations and logical rules
So students compose your essay about
Can he instruct if they do not hear
More importantly how can they arrive
Without any inkling how to get here


Quenched - 2010/09/12

Yonder flame burning bright
Speaks to me on a cold night
Protecting me by sharing rage
All while fortifying the cage
Do you feel it grow as I speak
Forgetting it leaves me weak
Do not believe it is my might
As I truly despise being right

The passing years full of rain
Tempered the rage with a pain
Yet even dull embers are hot
Reminding me of what I am not
My feet follow man made soles
Only dimly aware of hot coals
That must be crossed this day
Regardless of what I will say

Boiling pots now set to simmer
Reveal the future in a glimmer
Which I reject very unconcerned
No matter who else gets burned
For my inferno rests now inside
A final edict by which I abide
As I grasp my truth and reason
Preparing for the next season


Soliloquy - 2010/09/11

This land I once knew is not mine
I waste no time wondering of why
That house nestled beside the pine
Is a bastion of hope in a dull sky
Either its safe or otherwise claimed
Though alone I want only what I need
A beckoning window seems so untamed
Its light beaming regardless of deed
Inside all I have sought does reside
A dream from which I will soon awake
Loaded to the brim I now must decide
How far this fantasy I will now take
Do I return to the land left behind
Embracing others wandering all about
Or converse with friends in my mind
Feeding fear uncertainty and doubt

It Takes a Village - 2010/09/11

Wretched rats scurry back and forth
Unaware of the shadow ever looming
One cowers in the corner fearfully
The very image of saintly brooding
Two come together just for company
Even as affections spring from glee
Three form an alliance to survive
Threats from those they cannot see
Four begin to wonder of the future
As sure as they seek out some more
Five start to discuss and to direct
The growth of this cancerous spore
Six create standards one must meet
Excommunicating those of sad stock
Seven take up arms in self defense
Even as the clock echos tick tock
Eight wait silently on the horizon
Even as the dream that will not be
For they are but sad wretched rats
Weaving wickedness they do not see


Long Lost Lure - 2010/09/09

Listen to the whistling in the air
In the weary world we had reshaped
Observe the pristine white clouds
Ruling over landscape now re-draped
Climb the unruly vines creeping up
The false idols we sacrificed for
Observe the decay spreading about
Even all that we strove to ignore
Study the symptoms of the disease
We refused to acknowledge or cure
Keep caution nearby as you follow
The road to the irresistible lure


Thrall - 2010/09/08

On the cold horizon so pale
Our enemies marched steadily
Steeled and ready to battle
We rode forward so readily
Dull drumbeats synchronized
Horse hooves pumping in sync
Alive with a single purpose
To brew the poison we drink
The prize is a fable far off
In a land we shall never see
Wise to just the here and now
Only failure can set us free
The enemy awaits and must die
With guns cocked we gallop on
Unaware of the terrible truth
Of the short straw we've drawn


Forgotten - 2010/09/07

Grains of sand are slipping
Hurtling through the hourglass
No matter how tightly I grasp
Soon these moments will pass
Once here now lost then gone
Memories of pleasure and pain
No longer welcome to persist
Just like tears lost in rain
Even if I could freeze time
There is no pause only delay
For inevitable rite of passage
As night gives way to today
So speak your words of solace
Though they will be forgotten
Keep plucking out the grains
Never let that hope go rotten

Merry Mad Men - 2010/09/07

This note is a proclamation of duty
Loyal citizens keep your eyes open
For a thief seeks to lift our booty

He is a vicious sort prone to steal
Regardless of what you hear remember
What the filthy slobs say is not real

Snatching from the rich for the poor
Oh so broke with their crack and TV
Without a job they just want to score

This man is a menace and kleptomaniac
As are the scum who take his handouts
On sight you are authorized to attack

Without a boot heel on their throats
They are liable to consume all we have
Starting with money and then the votes

What happens when he have nothing left
Do you think their hunger will subside
It is our duty to stop this vile theft

So follow us your wealthy aristocracy
Let's cleanse our world of this scum
In the guise of fair and just democracy

Always remember our hard sweat and toil
The privileged started out with nothing
So repeal the estate tax lest we spoil

When they are gone then we can rejoice
As the wealth will continue to multiply
And those without will not have a voice

If you want a helping hand look elsewhere
There is nothing but scorn for you here
And give us only your wealthy and fair

If you want all to be rich instead of poor
Then we urge you to help capture this man
And regardless of situation ask for no more


Sadist - 2010/09/06

Welcome son this is your seat so sit down
Get ready so we can watch the world drown
Watch preventative measures being smashed
Listen for screams when hopes are dashed
Funnily they appear to have bet the farm
By not leaving when they heard the alarm

Well I have been caught I so want to laugh
At the idea of the wretches getting a bath
Tragedy aside it could have been prevented
Had their ignorance not been so cemented
Sadly I know not all of them end up dead
So their disease will continue to spread

Am I in the wrong or is the world corrupt
Weeping for disaster they did not interrupt
Weak men spend their days awash in the tears
While wise men seek to build on those fears
One way or another the disaster will unfold
For the lives of the wretches have been sold

They had their chance and were nicely outbid
Nor do they take responsibility as I forbid
I warn you son do not attempt to lecture me
Their worth was zero and the market is free
This is the way of the world so just accept
The value of life crashed even as they slept

Clearly you do not agree that much is certain
So look into their hearts behind the curtain
Instincts to survive manifest as vile greed
The desires and wants get confused with needs
You know it is time to start again elsewhere
So why subject me to your condemning stare?

If you wish to stay then that is your choice
Yet against my word they should not rejoice
For if love is your weapon then wrath is mine
As written in prophecies spoken by the divine
Stand with them today if it is what you wish
As I will devour you and the rest of the dish


Melange - 2010/09/05

This raging flame in which you see me burn
Stirs the stew in which your life simmers
The spices of serenity lost to evaporation
Are those moments I forever long to replay
How the final recipe will taste I know not
As from within I cannot taste of the whole
What mischievous soul is tweaking this mix
And of what sad conflict am I now betwixt?


Crutch - 2010/09/02

This crutch that I lean on is mine alone,
If there is a great flood it is my stone.
It provides reliable support when I need,
Something to clot my wounds when I bleed.
With it I can hold my head high proudly,
Knowing it shall end safely and soundly.
On the eve of great storms it spawns hope,
Even as I hurtle over treacherous slopes.
You have one too but it differs from mine,
Whether its power, lust or love so divine.
In sharing I am now showing you my crutch,
An example of my emotion reshaped as such.
For the more I share, the more I require,
Yet of this beautiful crutch I do not tire.

Witless Wasteland - 2010/09/02

Flies are buzzing beside the pungent stench
Am I alive or am I dead? Do I smell my doom?
Is this the corpse of what I have conquered
Exacting what appears to be undying revenge?
Stopped dropped and rolled yet I burn still
Why do the fire dancers hunger for my soul?
So what if I am holding kerosene in one hand
And toying with a zippo lighter in the other?
Tick tock says the golden watch I set to time
Or does it count down to a future you primed?
Am I the architect or the prisoner I know not
How can you just watch as I flail about alone?
Dear fool never mind the sizzling fuse you set
If my warnings are ignored whats left to save?
Whatever happens please open your eyes and see
Your wasteland is the spit upon which I roast

Iliad - 2010/09/02

Hey God will you force a smile onto my face
If only to lull me into a state of caring
Though if that simple request will not do
There is something else I would ask of you

Now show me a slow serendipitous slaughter
Of the sultry swindlers that slither still
Produce a weapon for my hatred is ammunition
With an insane idiotic iliad as the ignition

Voices disconnected from logical groundings
Relay requests received real time from rats
Strike the fools silent for I cannot stand
To fix fifteen fuck ups with just two hands

Tran-substantiate and taste my torrid trash
For fucks sake free yourself if only to fry
Life lacks luster even lovely lusts just lie
Tell me tormentor of tragedy as I still try

That smile I requested I really need it now
An ominous opera of the opaque is off the bow
For without the fable I fear I will fully fall
As I can no longer resist this deep dark call