Compulsions - 2010/09/30

The man in black fled across the desert
So laughing as I was compelled to follow
With six shooters criss crossing my hips
An edict for his death travels by my lips
He brings destruction even while I track
Working to fill an empty glass with wrath
Weed eaters drinkers and whores ensnared
Within this a chasm of virtue we shared
So flee dear sir for I come intending to
Reoccupy it with vast quantities of lead
Never caring that obtaining such control
Bit by bit enslaved more of my very soul
Circle the tower ascending spiral stairs
Dear childe have you any idea what comes
Forces above logic dictated and designed
The cycle of futility I have now divined
So I have laid down my guns and forgiven
Would be harriers stalking in my shadows
For new cards must be drawn for my fate
Having now left behind the fear and hate
Weaponless and without worry I gaze back
Content there was not a choice to be had
A man still flees across sun baked sands
Notably now without my blood on his hands

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