Cupboards - 2010/09/17

The cupboards abandoned are thrown open
Their contents unimportant and forgotten
Even while their home descends into ruin
All here are the same broken and rotten
Termites and cockroaches long since left
For they found no welcome there anymore
Slow is the ship of fools idling outside
There is no plunder much less any whores
Come one come all heres a map to direct
Those wishing there was something to see
Stay if you will but take delicate heed
Of the danger lurking in this mental sea
Great storms are mere optical illusions
Destructive tidal waves are just a joke
From the eyes of another into my hands
Comes both a smile and tears that choke
Truth is a riddle so if you must follow
Defend yourself appropriately to survive
Interpretation is the goal so do remember
Messages deciphered you yourself derived

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