Evanescence - 2010/09/26

Air of vengeance scorches my lungs
With nary a breeze to ease the pain
Vultures caw from the heights above
Mocking the desire for endless rain
There is naught in the vast nowhere
Awake with dreams of the other side
Dying of thirst I just cannot care
Real or unreal why should I decide
Skin once smooth now scaly and dry
Prune lips just scabs to be picked
A throat so dusty there is no sigh
An oasis gone for Ive been tricked
So circumstances left me wandering
Back to the green home I once knew
Climate changes got me floundering
Ready to journey for something new
Instead here I lay the sun beating
Lizards pleading in tongues I know
That what I seek is merely fleeting
As vultures circling will soon show

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