Homogenization - 2010/09/27

Within this my darkly looking glass
Truth fades when my denial outlasts
The road which history has followed
For only our triumphs stay hallowed
Dense dismal fog obscures the trail
Tread by fools wishing without fail
Victory is an end sans any beginning
With no loss to be had only winning
So chant on while repeating actions
That divide the world into factions
Ignore sins to which you are driven
Forget the hurt for he has forgiven
This license to hate and breed fear
Parables lost your mandate is clear
The bogeyman of this day is working
Breeding unknown evil while lurking
Round them up and now ship them out
Spread vile lies and clear up doubt
Fuck a world we rule with our fists
By outlawing differences that exist
Welcome to this our brave new world
The pristine order we have unfurled
You can die alone or join this herd
And work forever to spread the word

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