Iliad - 2010/09/02

Hey God will you force a smile onto my face
If only to lull me into a state of caring
Though if that simple request will not do
There is something else I would ask of you

Now show me a slow serendipitous slaughter
Of the sultry swindlers that slither still
Produce a weapon for my hatred is ammunition
With an insane idiotic iliad as the ignition

Voices disconnected from logical groundings
Relay requests received real time from rats
Strike the fools silent for I cannot stand
To fix fifteen fuck ups with just two hands

Tran-substantiate and taste my torrid trash
For fucks sake free yourself if only to fry
Life lacks luster even lovely lusts just lie
Tell me tormentor of tragedy as I still try

That smile I requested I really need it now
An ominous opera of the opaque is off the bow
For without the fable I fear I will fully fall
As I can no longer resist this deep dark call

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