Merry Mad Men - 2010/09/07

This note is a proclamation of duty
Loyal citizens keep your eyes open
For a thief seeks to lift our booty

He is a vicious sort prone to steal
Regardless of what you hear remember
What the filthy slobs say is not real

Snatching from the rich for the poor
Oh so broke with their crack and TV
Without a job they just want to score

This man is a menace and kleptomaniac
As are the scum who take his handouts
On sight you are authorized to attack

Without a boot heel on their throats
They are liable to consume all we have
Starting with money and then the votes

What happens when he have nothing left
Do you think their hunger will subside
It is our duty to stop this vile theft

So follow us your wealthy aristocracy
Let's cleanse our world of this scum
In the guise of fair and just democracy

Always remember our hard sweat and toil
The privileged started out with nothing
So repeal the estate tax lest we spoil

When they are gone then we can rejoice
As the wealth will continue to multiply
And those without will not have a voice

If you want a helping hand look elsewhere
There is nothing but scorn for you here
And give us only your wealthy and fair

If you want all to be rich instead of poor
Then we urge you to help capture this man
And regardless of situation ask for no more

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