My Request - 2010/09/28

Cruising the street early in the day
Battling traffic looking for the way
Trying to avoid doing anything rash
Like murdering those trying to crash
Hello imbeciles be glad Im not armed
As that is why you havent been harmed
Drop the cell phone and pay attention
Always texting hurts memory retention
Dear fools randomly jerking the wheel
Discipline your spoiled kids and deal
Forget the distractions and just drive
Sparing your family my one finger jive
Cut me off and I will scream and rant
Stay between the lines not at a slant
Lazy fool please turn on your blinker
My foot up your ass is a real stinker
Please dont make me pass on the right
Or my angry face will hover all night
If you want to raise my murderous urge
Go slow on the highway trying to merge
If you are lost just get outta my way
Cause I'm a psycho and my name is Jay
Rear end me and Ill maintain control
Try to pray for us and Im gonna blow
So I shall end with a simple request
Learn to drive its just for the best

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