Quenched - 2010/09/12

Yonder flame burning bright
Speaks to me on a cold night
Protecting me by sharing rage
All while fortifying the cage
Do you feel it grow as I speak
Forgetting it leaves me weak
Do not believe it is my might
As I truly despise being right

The passing years full of rain
Tempered the rage with a pain
Yet even dull embers are hot
Reminding me of what I am not
My feet follow man made soles
Only dimly aware of hot coals
That must be crossed this day
Regardless of what I will say

Boiling pots now set to simmer
Reveal the future in a glimmer
Which I reject very unconcerned
No matter who else gets burned
For my inferno rests now inside
A final edict by which I abide
As I grasp my truth and reason
Preparing for the next season

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