Sadist - 2010/09/06

Welcome son this is your seat so sit down
Get ready so we can watch the world drown
Watch preventative measures being smashed
Listen for screams when hopes are dashed
Funnily they appear to have bet the farm
By not leaving when they heard the alarm

Well I have been caught I so want to laugh
At the idea of the wretches getting a bath
Tragedy aside it could have been prevented
Had their ignorance not been so cemented
Sadly I know not all of them end up dead
So their disease will continue to spread

Am I in the wrong or is the world corrupt
Weeping for disaster they did not interrupt
Weak men spend their days awash in the tears
While wise men seek to build on those fears
One way or another the disaster will unfold
For the lives of the wretches have been sold

They had their chance and were nicely outbid
Nor do they take responsibility as I forbid
I warn you son do not attempt to lecture me
Their worth was zero and the market is free
This is the way of the world so just accept
The value of life crashed even as they slept

Clearly you do not agree that much is certain
So look into their hearts behind the curtain
Instincts to survive manifest as vile greed
The desires and wants get confused with needs
You know it is time to start again elsewhere
So why subject me to your condemning stare?

If you wish to stay then that is your choice
Yet against my word they should not rejoice
For if love is your weapon then wrath is mine
As written in prophecies spoken by the divine
Stand with them today if it is what you wish
As I will devour you and the rest of the dish

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