Vacant Vessel - 2010/09/19

Hannibal friend what are you cooking
Whatever it is I want to have a bite
Oh I wont steal as I am only looking
But whatever it is smells of delight
Hannibal pal where now are you hiding
You stove is on and cooking this stew
Come on back for I am still deciding
Whether to sneak a taste of your brew
Hannibal sir you appear to be missing
Well I guess a sip isnt going to hurt
Hope you dont notice or Ill be wishing
That you my friend were not so alert
Hannibal I now appear to have located
You simmering in the pot on the stove
What kind of foreign insanity created
That from which your madness throve
Hannibal you started from the inside
In time you then worked your way out
Feeding the disease by cutting inside
Proving your insanity beyond a doubt
Hannibal my friend how could I miss
What in hindsight appear to be signs
Of the monster that was in our midst
With a dark soul upon which it dined
Hannibal bastard how did you survive
Feasting on your vessel full of life
What excuses did I a friend contrive
To turn my blind eye on your strife

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