Witless Wasteland - 2010/09/02

Flies are buzzing beside the pungent stench
Am I alive or am I dead? Do I smell my doom?
Is this the corpse of what I have conquered
Exacting what appears to be undying revenge?
Stopped dropped and rolled yet I burn still
Why do the fire dancers hunger for my soul?
So what if I am holding kerosene in one hand
And toying with a zippo lighter in the other?
Tick tock says the golden watch I set to time
Or does it count down to a future you primed?
Am I the architect or the prisoner I know not
How can you just watch as I flail about alone?
Dear fool never mind the sizzling fuse you set
If my warnings are ignored whats left to save?
Whatever happens please open your eyes and see
Your wasteland is the spit upon which I roast

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