Cynic - 2010/10/31

Trampled hordes are listlessly waiting
Ever hopelessly yearning for greatness
Come rain or shine they stand in line
Even while we mock their faithfulness
A proletariat impassioned against odds
Outweighing the scope of their visions
Leaving those in power deathly afraid
Of days the meek relay their decisions
Suppressed by freedom and all they have
Even as they choose their new oppressor
Without power to quit only to rearrange
Trite dressing of victories ever lessor
Will they grow weary of this sorry game
Now unable to birth fire in their souls
Or continue to pretend its not the same
While those in power ignore their goals


Cavalier - 2010/10/29

Shiny white knight gallops into town
Where upon the people shoot him down
Just to be sure they string him up
Spilling blood for their ivory cup
Some relic thought he spied a twitch
So rended limbs as if it was a witch
When the wind made a howl in the air
That burning head kept the icy stare
Wasted man relieved of worldly worry
Breezes spread his ashes in a flurry
His polished armor and silver sword
Dangle over the city hall as a ward
Abandon hope all ye who enter here
Before the penitent unleash the fear


Infidel - 2010/10/26

Tactical indicates target is in range
Both teams have assumed the positions
Note this operation has a green light
Proceed to phase one of your missions
Sir door appears to have been secured
Kick it open the corporal as we cover
Do not enter until flash bangs finish
Shoot to kill and forget the stunners

Wake up my son they have us surrounded
Stay here in the room remaining silent
There are some weapons beneath the bed
Kill or be killed its us or the tyrant

The primary target is now neutralized
We are clearing the rest of the house
Remain on alert until area is cleared
Beware children and a possible spouse

My father is dead I heard him scream
His blood is seeping through the door
Forever alone all I knew is now dead
Ever taking yet they still want more
There is a grenade here pull the pin
Crack the door and toss it right out
Get inside better cover my damn ears
What the fuck is this even all about

Fuck Williams is down I repeat down
It was a damn grenade from that room
Holy shit it is just some stupid kid
Shut up and shoot that bastard soon
Hostile neutralized double chest tap
Check the rest of house double time
Get the medic over here for Williams
Snatch that terrorist piece of slime

Son the charge against you is murder
I am not your son my father is dead
Forget about that how will you plead
They shot him and left while he bled
The issue is the man that you killed
They fucking killed dad in our home
You unlawfully resisted the US army
Legally murdering wherever they roam?


Danza Macabra - 2010/10/25

Flower girl dancing in the grass
Now here once not far in the past
Entwined such as we soon entombed
Spinning in ecstasy nicely groomed
Hopelessly bound unable to escape
It is I whom the maiden does rape

Vicious master I surely must obey
Step Twirl Bow traveling your way
Companion in chains forever bound
So long so freedoms a nasty sound
Drugged and dimwitted I do not see
An obvious fate that now awaits me

Desperate few so dare to break away
Screaming every moment of every day
Flower maiden please grasp my hand
Whisk me away to that far away land
I do submit just so I will not hear
The death of our dance drawing near


Atrophy - 2010/10/23

Pretty pastel fields to which we flock
Promises of paradise tick like a clock
Wicks whittled down soundlessly burning
Foretelling earthly change now churning
Bright shining lights smothered quickly
Trade offs forgotten by children sickly
Lessons tarnished erased and forgotten
Those pastel trees bear fruit so rotten
Brooding colors once lost become found
Blood of these dreams stain holy ground
Loving eyes betrayed one held very dear
Rancid hands reveal the contagious fear
Behold onlooker as it doth now collapse
Beware you might be who it next entraps


Chump Change - 2010/10/21

Jacks Roadhouse is open for business
Now catering to any and every desire
So come on down for the grand opening
Our deals are setting the city on fire
If you want it we will always have it
Forget price as with our smart layaway
Even if you just can't afford to keep
You can pretend it is yours for a day
Dont deny it friends you are intrigued
So forget that fraud across the street
As recent poll numbers show most know
His stuff sucks and his prices are beat
So what are you moping around home for
Move your lazy ass up and on down here
The prices are low and stuff is moving
Even if what we are selling aint clear
You know we are the only one stop shop
Nobody else is selling you your dream
Dissatisfied customers do just remember
Dont leave as we are on the same team


Heretic - 2010/10/18

Save this sucker he is crying out
Begging you to take control of it
Yet it is the silence speaking now
Erecting bonds to a world of shit

I wish not to sing nor revel about
Face the truth I am no entertainer
So if this is what you wish of me
I wisely keep inferno on retainer

People by the millions living life
Did not please the overseer above
So with the forty day deadly flood
Free will came to know God's love

Openly attacking these differences
That make the world a lovely place
Is something I am unwilling to do
So it is eternal flame I now face

Sister cities in peril within sin
Marked by the Lord in holy enmity
Chosen escaping only to look back
Now a pillar of salt for eternity

Neither will I work to waste time
Demanding that all others aspire
To an ideal nobody can ever match
So I've traded paradise for fire

Scatter little ones and get right
For this end is coming very soon
Free will once granted taken away
As Jehovah recalls his life boon

This life of mine is a gift given
Something I do refuse to squander
So I'll damn you and the doctrine
That denies me the right to ponder

Annoyed well I still wish you well
Take heart as he above is the same
No matter how many threats so note
The urge to live you will not tame

If you dont get it open your eyes
Now I am free for better or worse
With these people I stand forever
Unmoved by Gods bitter angry curse

Recalcitrant - 2010/10/18

Serendipity effortlessly abandoned me
Second rate impostors leave me alone
Rain plummets like icy dagger shards
Freezing while I am trying to atone
Marching in form over the sandy dunes
Thirstily dying dreaming of a drop
A weapon is cleaned could it be me
The mind unwilling to force a stop
Down some drinks watch it all glaze
Pointless as there is never enough
Tune out and ignore leaving but hope
Ready to die as its not that tough
Tidbits scattered begging to be taken
Delicious lies that do not digest
Starving is the only way to survive
This strange event where I am a guest
Currents of possibility now all flow
Into the formation I forever dread
Spinning and working to consume all
The force of nature gathering dead
Temptation mews ever so excitingly
Come on and swim just one last dip
With that my pretense is abandoned
As into this whirlpool I shall slip


Dubious - 2010/10/16

The path drifts into the horizon ahead
Leading to a future I still only dread
The journey is of unpredictable nature
Lacking any signs leaving me so unsure
Ever wondering if it leads where I see
Or at this date can it yet surprise me

Merry men serenade tunes in amber skies
Delicious illusions built on taunt lies
Whimsical existence the dream crumbling
Once the music ends we will go tumbling
Dance dear fellows until my time passes
As I do not wish to join huddled masses

Is this deaths doorstep or another rhyme
That will only end due to a lack of time
Could it continue forever if I but tried
With immortality awarded beyond the ride
Or is this the mechanism that misdirects
While Im oblivious to all of its effects


Mesh - 2010/10/15

Mop mop mop all day long
Mop mop mop as I sing this song
Gonna spruce up your failure
Gonna make it shine
Wipe your grin away with turpentine

Glassy eyes staring straight ahead
Hiding a hellish war in their head
Poor souls with ears forced to listen
To tales of ghosts returned and risen

Small bird full of grace
Take flight from this dying place
Damn those who give chase


Tempest - 2010/10/13

Hover above while desperate winds howl
Carrying screams of those who cry foul
Burning so bright observe yonder flame
Entrapped by the beauty wildly untamed
Drawn toward causes lacking the course
Invented by those susceptible to force
Cheer them as they ever work to ransack
All you claim guarded only by your back
Watchful eyes averted birth new freedom
Ever creating clever ways to cheat them
Punishment a tool reserved for the weak
Righteous rage controlling all the meek
Claimed soothsayers bellow new prophecy
Self fulfilling words for their progeny
Listen closely while gusty winds squeal
For tiny bits of truth men cannot steal
Both above and below where danger comes
Hope within the mess amidst tiny crumbs


Rapacious - 2010/10/12

The void within demands that I fill it
As it ever so deftly plucks my strings
No matter the sacrifice I wont kill it
I am now enthralled by a song it sings
In Heaven and hellish depths I do look
Vainly for that which might stop it up
Trading away my soul aware I will cook
Forever before filling the vicious cup
What lengths I explore to avoid facing
A simple truth that drives my futility
Its paint by numbers yet I am tracing
To preserve ideas left without utility
Still pouring yet it never does settle
As a sieve with the sand it disappears
Ever stubborn I try to prove my mettle
By producing more and ignoring my ears
So explain why I pour knowing the fate
Of all slain in this cycle of delusion
When my last real option absconds hate
Leaving no breath for this my illusion


Verbal - 2010/10/11

Word words words what a game they are
Preaching at everybody so near and far
Closed ears and broken hearts wheezing
Action erased by these voices pleasing
Talk talk talk lets work out a conflict
Neither side budging at all now ticked
Hard heads with body armor mounting up
For damned sand mounds violence erupts
Peace Peace Peace with extra firepower
Ruling so from their chaste ivory tower
Silence simply lacks the courage to say
Immaculate outer walls are falling away
Pray Pray Pray for morality ever so hid
Wasting devotion on a nasty spoiled kid
Let him return to the burning wasteland
A final tragic mess from an erratic hand
March March March for speeches not action
Fools wonder why an idea gets no traction
Open ears for open mouths making no sense
Receivers of the scam now angry and tense
Listen Listen Listen to the final breath
Of the once free world evolving to death
What ever the fuck is it supposed to take
To stir fellow fools awake for their sake


Omnia - 2010/10/10

Currents gently melding from many streams
Leave me willing to ponder
Useless games of treachery assault my dreams
Forcing me to seek solitude
Vapid expanses beyond meaningless cognition
Intrigue me to continue on
False tales that secure just for submission
Empower me to mark my path
Microscopic particles of matter my brethren
Engender me with stoic respect
An inadequate thought changing now and then
Renders me incapable of concern
Ignorance of times we think we have changed
Enlightens me regarding our peak
A truth of that greater than my meager self
Will not spare me from our fate


Fifth Person - 2010/10/09

Sick in the head mumble murmurs all around
Mad abomination at least that is the sound
Spinning the fan early in the cold morning
Drafting details of sides steadily warring
Sucker punch fades back into new obscurity
My drab creative spark slain by insecurity
Catching the rhythm shall reveal a meaning
Worthy of remembrance or just sad dreaming
Even mouths of babes dont know such babble
Often times confusing so ignored by rabble
Dont stroke Cassandra for she shall preach
Her mind seeking out disaster like a leech
It is crashing screams the homeless artist
Here they come lets lock up he the Marxist
Forgetting there is neither right nor left
Labels of fools revealing platforms bereft
Strike them together sparking the ignition
Directions damned as we drive for sedition
Are they just jests or is he trying to win
Poking fun at when deconstructing the spin
Come one come all see the future in flames
A sexy swirl of truth and perplexing games


Hamster - 2010/10/07

Little hamster why is it you keep running
Why does your tiny metal wheel always turn
How can you go so long without nourishment
While both ends of your bright candle burn
Just take a rest when they rattle the cage
Pointing and jeering at the sight they see
Perhaps you will get to unleash your rage
Waiting for their hand to approach is key
Chew them little hamster with the iron jaw
Watch as they bleed and flail wildly about
Only with pain will all know what they saw
For it they do bleed they shall then doubt
Perhaps some respect will now form for you
Leading to your release from the oubliette
On the other hand they might make you rue
By putting you down like any other bad pet
Poor little hamster better keep on turning
The tiny squeaky wheel embodying your doom
For if you get your masters minds churning
Your vain familiar existence might go boom


Outcast - 2010/10/06

How can I belong if I all do is pretend
That their mad choices are ones I defend
Plans within plans reveal no plan at all
Yet construction commences doomed to fall
Higher and higher this edifice does span
Surrounded by hordes of other also rans
What sickness overcomes as I now inspect
The smoldering ruins of chaotic effects
Wrought by actions born of no consequence
The denial of which will be with us hence
Guards or prisoners the difference benign
Marching onward and ignoring all the signs
What home have I when home is all but lost
Spurned by comforting innocence now tossed
River of action I know your vague currents
Rowing so carefully to avoid the deterrents
Yet for the others stranded upon the shore
Do I stop or allow them to suffer evermore


Awakening - 2010/10/03

Paint breaks away from the railing there
Chasms are birthed in asphalt all around
Rundown shanties nearly ready to cave in
In terror of pale frigid gusts sans sound
From inside to out comes this new disease
Structures without substance springing up
Soulless and wretched creations so damned
Quite lacking the righteous will to erupt
Their foundations only guarantee collapse
For within emptiness observes the outside
Noting decay while the trivial lures call
Taking the foolish lemmings on their ride
The dream disintegrates and dominoes fall
Snuffing past visions suffering the force
Of the encroachment that drives to action
The few visionaries able to change course